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Of D'Aubi-m,, an HeW <!'<■ ' y - i '■'".? '"'" ; "'' 

V.'IIY ibi-R ihnnhtppiinpe'* good, 

Mr brother inltftrs. mil I 
When nil lie cue, us (•* <•<" h\umt, 

lteaihia$t,poml*n\\ oil. 

NOVEMBER, S'Ut rise*. Svnt'U. 

13 Mxifty, 1 i.!J 1 + 28 

14 TuttUav, 7 32 4 38 

15 ITei/HC«ty) 1 " -> 3 ' 4 - 7 

U.I., lUC^-iX. — — = 

1 11 32 
1 26 


As there is nnt in nature a more dUgn-nTn) object 
.ban n lnr,y man, so neither i* "here nne more perni- 
oions, ln<t"o1i'ni<r in society is the mildew, the rusi, 
il.e canker, w]|te|i corrupts ami *e«roy,i the social i*tl> 

lilts. O. 




nPHB Copartnership of JAMBS 


LAMB, WW dissolved on the 13ih January . 
lat*, by the decease of liiejXinlor partner. All 
persons Intritig demands sgAinst or indebted io 
the firm, me requested m Call on the Subscriber, 
tl No 29, Siale-sircet, and settle their accounts, 
ilm.ii further noiice, 

Partnership Dissolved. 

THP. I'ni'tnei'ship heretofore existing under the 
firm of 


tvas by mutual consent dissolved on the 3d inst. 
All persons having - demands against the said 
firm, are requested to exhibit litem for Keltic- 
me til, and all those who arc indebted, are like- 
wide requested to cull and adjust i he same, cither 
art No, 40 oi 45 Muilboro'-street. 


JBntsn, fle e 6. 1813 


Will a grateful sense of past favors, would inform 
bis Customers And Friends, thai be intends to con- 
tinue the Auction & Gommmim Butineu, at No. 
40, Marlbfiro'-Bireet, (over Messrs Joseph Cal- 
lender & Son)— whs re OQOtU of all kinds will be 
received for Public or rVivale Sale, nod no exer- 
tions shall an wanting to merit patronage. No 
Storage will be charged on Good* left for sale ; 
and the smallest favor gratefully acknowledged, an'! cargo said to hebnirtled, hy »e,rcrmeni 


THURSDAY, Dec a—.?'-. Prussian liarnue Pre- 
gal, Jorgunt?, nf Mem if I, from Gotienbnrcb, in ballast, 
to O L Chandler— Sailed Oct 12— Spoke nolhine— 
Saw nnlliintj but the ships lying in Cape Harbor— the 
I'rcRHl miule Cape Coil lieu I, mill has been banting in 
the Day since — A Russian skip for tlie U. S. sailed 14 
rtnv* before her. 

Same ili"/ Spanish sub t.a Armi«lenrt, Girmid, fr. 
Port I'lKllf SI Doroingn. S4i with sugar and molnsses ; 
InO. Keating— Left im vi su-ls from or for the U. S 
S tlajaout, lalSO, Ion CC SO, wan boarded from a fri- 
gate, another in eo-^S«M they were 8 days from Hal- 

Aiiine ilav t (below) ship Commodore Preble, capt 
Lewi*, from Cadis -Sailed Oct 13— Left the Mourn 
Mope to sail in a few dais, (ar) ; Felicity, Smith, n,f 

!»■■ ' sold ; Ruba and" Bcliey. laid up ; ship Itich- 

anl ami Margaret, \Viln1ingl9n for Newport 
in S days ; Spanish ihin Juanica for Boston, in a few 
ilavsj Spanish Inig Inipeeiimdo, do (In; Swedish 
barque Twa Wanner, from l'.o»iou fur Roltcnfcm-g, 2 
—Tlie Spanish ship Carlo Un, Unfurl, from do had 
nr ami sailed lor Gibraltar — nn her passage she was 
taken by the PapilMon llnnji of war, sent into her port 
of destination, about ll.e l« ol Stpt.i.ud at the last ac- 
countii was under adjudication. 

Ship Adeline, of Charleston, remnined under sei- 
xwe at Cadis— ship pUndered of all lier sails, rig- 
ging, isr. 

Sevetsl ships from Lima, with specie, tto. linitjust 
arl — A Frcneh primtcer was said to be cruizing off 

Mr. Cuming, a passenger in the Commodore Pre- 
ble, left Gibraltar. Sept 15. anil had letters Ir 

there to the 2C>th— He f.irnred us with the following 
list of vessels sent in — Spanish ship Armislead, from 
New Haven for Lisbon, and brig Don Miguel Foijas, 
from do for tur, sent in 2fiih Supiember, by die 
Richmond gun brig — Spanish ship Ceres, alias N. S. 
ll.l Carman, from CkurleilOn fur Cailti, sent in about 
sjrth Aug — Spanish ship Eugenia, from Pintail, ship 
■ f both 

. would cheerfully attend to Suks in n^,^^W?£^L*J!!V^^^i!iLT 

, 4ll , ' Admiralty 111 t.gland— biianiih ship f' [, n H«lleslero3, 

lot the town. .,__„__.. .»- from Wilminunn, and Ferdinand Sentiroo, from 

anv pari 

N P Cash I ib J rally advanced on Goods left for 
Publio_S-le. FRiNK STRATTON.__ 

Samuel Gritiley 

INFORMS his friends and the public, that he 
omiinues tu occupy Store No. 45, Marlboro'- 
tfrett, where he has for sale, a large assort- 
ment of 

House Furniture) 

of the first quality — to enumerate a pad, lie has 
200 best fancy CHAIRS, various patllerns— 
Haiti boo, Easy, Lolling and other Chairs — Se- 
cretaries — Sidebnards, Unreaiis — Desks— Tables 
of all kinds — Bedsteads of all kinds— Looking 
Glastes— Hrass Fire Sets, every size in use — 
Work Stands— Wash Stands— Toilets, kc. 

N. B — No articles will be sold for good tlut 
will noi prove gond — the smallest favors prate- 

fhllv rec eived. 'be 6 

** ~1 j rizk ' PoKM — Of 1-: iS 
FEW copies of the PRIZE POEM, 

from Wilmington, and Ferdinand Sopi 
Clim lesion, condemned, vessels and cargoes, the l«i- 
tPi"2Hlh Augt'or breach ofblonaade-Brig John Ad- 
ams, from Nnrtb Carolina, vessel condemned, cargo 
held over for further proof— Ship Isabella, bom Now 
Orleans, do do- 

The English brig Lavina, from London forlbc Me- 
diterranean, with a cargn of dry goods, Talued al SiHXK) 
pounds, arr at Gibraltar about 26lli Sept. Urig Ar- 
go, from do about 2Cth Aug, They had both been 
oapiured off Lisbon, by *, Frenoh privateer, (supposed 
to be the Lion) and retaken by Ihe English. 

Tbt accounts from Algiers were lo Aug — The 
fl^et was in port, havme failed in its expedition against 
the Tunisians— nothing had been captuied for a long 

Marked — At Gibraltar, (lour 15, rice 5 S-4, to- 
bnceo 15 ioU.i Koiiluek) about 17)— staves high— 
AtCadijt, Hour Li, rico J, 

It was sickly at Gihrahar— about iM peiions died 
daily— the inhnLhauH b nl principally lei! ihg pjlj 
and'goi l e^.ilmard^ij^^—-^^-tZ^rrS' ^Sl' 
q'niiu.Tu... <T'"i ilw enigreed 

A F „ 

inm Ihe last 
Ibis ofb 
paper. Frire 12i 

p ,t Folio, are siruc 

k ol>„ at 

Unas sickly at Cadiz, luiles 
ever, dii 
'I'his mc 


Charaeierof Judge Parsons. 

JUST Published by JO UN ELIOT, No.5,Court- 

A Sketch or the Chancier of Ihe Iftto 
Chief J-isi'iceV\RS0N3 ; exhirticd in an Ad- 
ilreas w the Grand' Jury, delivered- tf 'he open- 
it.L' or-he Supreme Judicial Court, at Bosion.on 
Hie twenty ihinl day of November, 1813, alter 
the usual charge. Published al the unanimous 
rtqii'M of the Grand Jury, and the Bar of SuF- 
fiilt:— By Isaac Pakbr. Esq oneof the Asso- 
ci.i" .1 

— — — 

All attci>i|>i« lo lite her pooled lliktlitfi — 
She filled. Eavosjsi^yi. this severe c.,1.1, rind witlioui 
snUlileneOj 5 nftliu persons perish, il, vii Mr. Nun is 
owner 11]' the vessel, Mr. Riot; mcivlian! ( a daughter 
of a Mb. Muvr.v, (all "f Jbrllnn-.-ll ) and l»n iciuiien! 

..hnlaudv arrjveiUt Hath, in ihe M ^-lbipe, fiom 

Cadis. Inhtl- wrecked siVinitbiit tlie CathaiitiO 1 ■ 

linucd 'ill ibu liib in SI wliejfcfl ligln lloojj from BoJtWi 
bound lo the Kiiltwacd. f'.-H i" wild bin. and i.iwed Inn 

into Ken nebunk River s e iwu. Alt Ilia siirsit 

wore baillj frtJKi i», and oneof Hie sailori is not expect- 
ed tu reenter. 

A «eiilen>.m wlio |o(l Eljtppr( nn the 2d in'.t.sljlrs, 
that ihe Martin, elu-'p iifwnt 1 , u\i at anchor ill liarbor 

l,'i;ii,ii[;. r if"B»i limiu KaUliori, rfli same day i tvlfeVe 
phe I, a.! been lint a Imtnijjht, »nli | imall mb ntandjqt- 
Same dav she captui'Lii two rbfUqptiUjoalt lai.m<l into 

Rastpoil", Nov -JO, rile e.iplmed sub — , of and IV 

Nesvimrviinrt. 'Ri.--bi-r, which sli* had manned 
wild bet Rr*| Lk-uI. ami .".!> nmn, ami liuale a ti-iidcr 
-if. Willi ibis I'm ce slit completely blotjuilled F.ait- 

The pfiTatder lm"g Sorattigs, WilwtoTi, nf IS ¥8!*, 

from n bi w\i£ 'jfl'ib'^ eoisl oj Sijiilnamjn al \%\ J- 

ii„, 'Ji.l nil liaving capiiivni 7 vessels, 5 nf tv]i!tll >h« 
manned ; and hasou uoniM a nvkiinfy oPsnecie, inui- 
go, dry jjoFjds, kc, toJten out nl ibem> tim of hei 
PViiWjwas.latelji witeked licni' 3ajidf-H*yk, and a- 
Anther near Charleston Bar 24ih all. The Saruloia 
saileti from NewpoM 7th .1. Hi I1I1I 

Tbele(ter-«f.iujiipie«eh Unvtd.-ftirblV, Co«S lisdl, 
12da) Protidcuce, ar at CJlulleiton ^S.U uh, 
When ihe privateer sib iJecutlli, Cunt ljiitill, liound 
Olln cruize, anda le'ternf maripie tell Adeline, C.a.y 
ci oft. of Phil ml. for Frunze, w till h) sea 00 lliu,- 
ii.g of the 26lh. 

jVrta-JJerf/hrrf, Dee fi — Ar. «h Hill-.- l'i flnkUri, 

Ivilley. fini.i ll'i'i'ii., hiiIj ]il:..u r. U., Sunday nit;b', 
al Su'c-look, oil'Tarpaiiluj l'<iie, was ciipliiieil lij i\\c 

Hritish lirlg Niinrnil, Capt. \ln- i. II, niointting sixtven 
33 pound ciiTonaibs, 1; Intij! 9'| and One I8t Ca|it 
M. proposed lo 1 nail, 1 Un' feb wl,i..U Cap! K a'.ui- 
ed 1 11 m was nut of bis power— after iktnii.iiig tlie icli. 
a few hniim, and taking her anchiir, cable, anil some 
other article., cjue her Up C:gll KillO] eonsalersit 
due lo Capl Milebcll and ofacei'i piiblitkly lo aekli'iw- 
ledj;e htsglt.lilude I'm Uieir |ndile Mail luimanji Lieat- 

Ihe Nonred hail in co. ship Cli'di, of Nnnluckel, 
from Ihe Snutb Sea, will! 1 .'nil ml.wbu.b 
she hud Captured on TtiUrsilay in larliaului Cove — 
On SnniUiy turning, nl the Chili was pasting Guy- 
head) four boals full of men went oft ID enil.tixnu Kj 
te-caplure lirr.but they coinmene-til a fift! nf luusijiiel- 
ry from the slop, and lac boats returned. 

Jtec 7. — Ar. sell Ann, Simmons,, 

On Friday night last, ar. al Tarpaulin Cove, sloop 
Manh.itian.ClatMini;, of ami lor fljistpl, U. 1. frpm.N. 
Y.ak, in distreti— erew badly rtisntn, and WL-ieimnie- 
tlialely lakiii by lb< Nimrnil— alter taking nut all her 
caigo, whnh euniisted of ."-la baneh oi Hour, u aut)n- 
llty oi butter, laid, &c. whttifi ihev nut on boafd tlie 
Chili, ransomed' die *lonp lor 13011 dollars. Ml". Piper 
male, asd. I'aliiek tine •>! the Manhattan, siace 
died m cQiiSLijuenqe of being frozen, 

On Mmiilay iftei upon', a bahi whji 16 men, armed 
Willi muskets, came ii i to Tnipai.lin Cove — wenl a^li'iie 
In the house on i'ii- iibi,.l..u ( il aturie^nlin^iheinSilves 


ig and abusing til 

1K1 tl (real 



uce. of thai I 

■omg(Tliur*lftt)nt three- o'clock, Iff mile* 
F- mm. lei form on handsome W ulh from : r.p" Ann, was Lrt.'ird t-v.r ±v Mtjif 

- which Ihev SJtill Ihey capture,) in Cape Ha< bnr, and as 
the oapt. MUld Dpi ycl the mnney for her ransom, 

Ihev should send her lo Halifax. 

9 days since, on Georges, sawn vessel, with he. 
masi ami bo*»prii gone, and app«reutly burnt lo tlie 

1 Passtmgtrsin the Commodore Preble— Messrs. 1 . 
B Cumin-*, of Ne,w-Y'.rk ; ThomkJ Bitehui, do: 
l(i,-b,r.l tiW-voml, Norfolk; Arnold Remous»in, ol 
Charleston ; Zebedce Cook, jr. Boston ; Sam,, e i ,\ 
Storrow.dn; oapts Samuel-, dot WlHliim A 
Hailev, New-York, late or b. i% Hepxa, (aondciuncd al 
GihraW); M'ro. Ireland, da late of hi ig Ann, (con- 
demned at do) ; Benjamin Cozens, Uhvfciim, °\ fv 
Hindnitan, (condemned at do) ; and Enoch Waplea, 
oV Baltimore, (late ofwli Price, sent inlo hnglnnfl.) 
. Same day. Swedish scfi Robins, Swanton, Hahnw, 

uy in 1 
the M 

plItJBDgBrS (ftmOllSJ StllOlU WeielwolHtlie') Mill smage 
msfihiilte .ur<l tiail.-i-m . I li.-v pr.tvi.ib il IO lie M»\\- 

lUi n, ami Uiaiihcv intended Kntlin; the slooi. to 

Hiil.i'air— iJujnitcr rioimg awbile, eaihifi l ds-sirnt'- 

Ing lb-' ItisAjfMt^uoi.t ahitJi Capt. G bad jUit llltJ- 

1111. ,1 ij-i m the !■' i|iei louij ' *> jj>^iL.lto ' ti »» ilA — 

fr \1 .,ala,.ihe-/i.l. I.. «tl*ff, ^ ' Sll ''" ,l " me 

The Journal eoutflini n lu'i. "I Hie ei 

B W*j, C-i'cpl »l'-«l IS'" lila'l-ial in 

■iiilh. wbicn we ex - 

die follow 11 

m mi r 


J 7;Z:^Vi;*-M , H A.M.a. rjrtj 

.le-,e,„U,l li.e bay I - a, Sm b's, V »«i\ «g 

,,.... i..,.,-,..,l .1 n,-k. ciuihI M ml, ami 11 mm 

dec 6 

Russian Campaign. 

JU"*T Published, hi MONKOL «i FRAN- 
CIS, Nu. 4, Ccmhltl - . 
Refactions on the War of 181?: wiih 
Table-, sliening the numerical force of the ene- 
my when he entered Russia, and ihe tones he sus- 
tained in Ihe mh-eQuenl Bullies ami Acllon* ftn.n 
the c..;nmei.ieineui of the cmnpsiRB "» <»<■" hl11 
of January, 1813. Fnundert upon Official Docu- 
menls »v (nlnnel TcnuYiiK.riTCti, niiach.-il 
in Ihe SliilT, and in the Suite of hi* Knsiion .mpe- 
ria) Mnjeslv- Primed and puhlMieil rtl SI. Pc- 
tcrtbuig ; und Iran-lated from ihe Russian, by 
Mr, KDttiriucvt — wiib Siriciiircs 0.0 Mr- 
WaUh't <Jor.e.(.nndetice wilh Mr. Harp- 
pecuug Ka>5ia 

House, nbse 

ReUI l« 

eap. U. 
ins n ^ l> 
thev ui 
but fin' 

,1 sod 


3 daj 

here she was sent in nn her passage IMi 

ed ll.em 1 
>, with ihe «M.ept 

nUi of 1I1*.- I* H 1 

;,,lir; she it Un- "br 

f, who informs be tiW ■■ 
in miles below ShfitU's 

Call Hail in punu.l ul I 

,g ihaj ivere out iijileil, 
bSiwSl ."auiVvou'niu'i II tits? !«) '- die brig and 

a/eJn.-nU.if I-, fm-fi mmw> "" u " tl lu 

Hie Well Inilics. 

1, in 

thai btonll in- 
■ed in Cnrn- 
idnre I'd iv, 

,ll L. S bt H..I-: — 
AinLiiuan seiiA-ls, 

not the least Vi;J; 
ilshcd die chine, 

accepted on the purl of lb- United Slates, and 
from the pledge to be found in an act of theirLeg'- 
i 5)* Lure for the liberality which their Plenipoten- 
tiaries would carry lino the negaeiitiou,, that no 
lime would be lost by ihe Hnt^ii |-.i«i nicent in 
embracing the e^perime/H for haatenine; ii slop 
io the elliisioti of blood, A prompt and cordial 
acceptance ol the Mediation on that side was 
a J the less to be doublet), »■■< it was of a nature not 
to submit 1 itfi.i s nr preiefisjona on cither tjde 
to thedecisi'in of an umpire, bin 10 afford mere- 
ly fln opportunity, honorable and Ue.-ir.ibl'. L., 
belli, for discussujfr, and if possible adjusting 
them lor ihe inleiesl of boil). 

The British cjhiuet. wither mistaking our de- 
sire of peace fur a dioad of B"ilish power, or 
misled by oilier fallacious cilculaliuns, lias (lis 
appointed ibis reasonable anticipation. No c6m- 
mimical ions from our Kuvoys having reached 
us, no inlormation on the subject has been re- 
ceived from lhat anurce Hut it is Known that 
(he mediation was declined >ti the first instance, 
and there, not withstanding ihe 
lapse of lime, that a change of disposition in tile 
British councils has taken place, or is lo be ex 

I'nder such ciicumsta' ' ■ . a nafiort, proud of 
its rights, and GOi'scioua ol its ItrtUlgtUi has no 
sjltiucr bill an excrtiun of ihe one in support ol 
lilt nlher. 

To ibis determination j the best enconragemc-nt 
is deiived ft tun ti!«; aUocesa ui'li wbich it has 
pleaded ihe Almighty lo bbss uur aim a, both on 
ihe lat-d an<J on the wale i'. 

Whilst proofs have been conitnueoj of the en- 
terpi i/.e antl skill oToui offtisSre, pttblie alttl pri- 
vate, on the ocean, ami a new uopby giiinctl in 
lliti capiuivol'a Biiilsh by an Am'trlcaTi vessel 
ofwar, nfier an action giving Cejp'ol'ily to tfie 
nameofihe yictotiotii com,(ttaiiu,efj the g^Cat 
inland wan-i s, on wlncii ilie eperny iyere' ajsu to 
be ej icon tue red, have preseuied icli^evefneiua of 
out naval amis, as bi'ifljaut >M iheir as 
,lbey liave been imporCuil in their consequences. 
On Luke Erie, the squad run under com- 
nsantluf Capiajn Perry, having me.t. the British 
squadron, of superior torte, a sanguinary con- 
flict ended in Ihe capture of ihe whole. The 
conduct of thai officer, adroit as il was daring, 
ami whirl) was so well seconded by Ins com- 
rades, jus; ;ly entitles them tu the admiralion and 
graiitiide ol theii co til ill J ; and will fill an car- 
by page ih its naval annals, with avicttity, never 
Mit|p.^sed in lusii'e, however much il muy have 
been :u magnitude. 

On Lake- Oiuai in, the caution of the British 
commstldVr, favored by cdniltlge|icie^; frustrat- 
ed ihe eftbvia of ihe American commander io 
bring on \ decisive action. 

CapliiiiiChauncey was able, however, to es- 
tablish an ascendency on that froportant ibeaiie -, 
apd to itru\e by lia^ nianuci' in which he eff'c.led 
tjvery il'inp possible, that opporiumtie* only 
were Minletl, f.*r more ^'lining djspja) of Iny 
own Clems, and of (be gillantrj of itutse uudei 
his commati'1. 

The success mi Lake Jj'ifl hfH'nyf t«# -(lljtsej 
^DaSAaa*-"^"^ '"•"•> "caitin army liaosb-litd 
Uie lhi'l|..r 1 an.] ij.pi.lly pui»UIHg [be Uos- 

SkUSi^SsSr^aibn .'^ ili I \ f WL ly^rdrfffi 

ed in the capture ut die Itntiili, and dispersioi 
oT'the savage force. 

This i-esult is signally honorable to MajovGwu- 
eral Hiinison, by whose iiiihtarj' i.denia ii was 
prepared i lo Culmel Juhnson and his muonttd 
loiuute. is, wl.oseimpeiuous unset gavead.-ei- 
livp blow 10 the raiks of 1 lie enemy ■ and lu the 
spii'il of -live vulijiMtr miltna, iqu.dly uravcand 
patriotic, who boi*«in miercsiiug part in the 
senne ; irnneespciiiy Lu the chief magi 5 1 rate 
ol Ketiluxk-yat ihe lid i»f them, \vtni^r heroism, 
signaliFed in fljc w^rWi'icii e-,i.bli diel Uie in- 
d, p. ml 11. e ol 1)13 ■ '"ui_v, snuchi, at aii advan- 
cittage, n allure in' hd.ibips -ml batiks, lor 
iy,bis nl ussaftjiy 

Boston &. New-York New Line i 

COMMF.N ,t".i) Running on tin- 1st I 0TB 
the r.xclvngt; Coff't House, Boston, lo the 
City Hotel, in Newiouk 

Leaves the Kxchangt' Coffee- (loose, every 
Montlny, WrdnrtiUiy and Friday morning, at 9 
o'clock, and arrives al fUm, next day, at 
', . ', lock, al'einonu 

To Icuvr Hariford Tor N. York,(fhrough 
New Haven) every Jfoniinu, H vlimday and Fri- 
J, 11/ nwrni<tf, a' 9 o'chuk, and arrives ol the 
City, Ncw-York, next d«ys, al 3 o'clock, at- 

Leavrs Ihe City Hold, New. York, every 
Monday, H'cdt\ulbig «nd Friduy writing 
■ '..'. ..k and aiiiv.s at llarlforu next day 
o'cl ck. al'ieinnon 

\ .« |[|- "S3 for St hp--'-:»n L"V 'he l-:n R dc - brig, ta,* 
.oilcLimed—Lcfl. ihe cartel Analostan, from V.tem, 
to return ihortlv with prisoneit i mid British rariel 
ship llosiick, for Saletu. with pr'uoneis I lie ship 
Hid Jiav, wiib 320 American pruuners. from Oueuec 
f.ii- England, hi.l put in in distress. The San Domiii- 
K Aiin.ual Warren, (ailed the day before Tor Rer- 
mnda— LalloKUoand HI or U other 7+'s and fngatei 
Acre ui pori— Sloop Huutress, had arrived, V ae l0 

' "s„wed'av— Russian ship Herman, Sorc.isen, 20 days 

from WiltniiiRlon, and 10 bom Newport, 111 baliasl IO 

1 tkUeol).' Hole on I uea- 

da, h, ... company with brie St. Voter and 

net-St, for nnstnn Lelt no vessels there. 
On WcllucsJ,.} at 10 u'elnuk, saw die Majestic and 
Jnnoa yet under way, and come onl of Cape Harbour. 
Al Ii in the evening. 2 leajuei I'mm the Race, «as 
I btr.rded r.-o.n ibe Jonoii, strictly overhauled and pei- 
| miile.l to pioi'ced. Atniit the Mime lUnfl Ihe .Majcs- 
1 t.c"bt 100, the St. 1'eire, and had a sloop in eo. 
' ww three sv.hrs h tUK In Cape Harbour. A boal caine 

Aboard the Herman, al Holmes* Hole, on M In 

■iJBhi. and staled lhat the Chili, pine to the Ni ininfl, 
ha.l lefl Tarpaulin Cove same itlci-noon, and dial Ilia 
NimroJ remained ftl anchor in the Cove. On Saturday 
..fiernoon, direc boats lull Holmes' Hole, with abnol 
SO men, and had not relui net! w bei. the Herman lull . 
They »eni 11, rough Quick's Mule, and it was expected 
thev would cut oil' the ClWR, as she went nut " 

,h e 'S< il- The Collen.or frnm Holme,' Hole, went 

lo Loinbaril'aCove to seenre the ■ 
landed llitre, but ihey depa.le.l befure 
cd the place. Il ws.i a midshipman wbol.oau todeall 
The Herman belong* 10 Arehana-d 
Soma dm,— Sehr Trial, Raih : Rapid, Camden 
Same day — Sloops Aleri, and Piwket 
■ tfveral «cl 

unday li s biu'ii'l W 
t,r, by one ni litis 
Ibratj f.llinu.-, ai.d djYJ*, *< WS*"aWi' 1 
elia-e.l on Thursday inormug, Ir 
o'eleek, run iniu l.n feel « 
Brilisb bligj. wbitheame WJ m 
lircd IS shuts, wbicb diil ti" diii'-'g'-' 

\'„v gS-..7r tSssian Efiwlelh, LW- ..,, l.oi- 
te-duu-s, 5S. m ballast, fi,,i,u;-I.L Luudon paper, in 
Oci l] ; Sloop Sally, S i Mar) ■. 

Suvamiofi. A>« 2S-JgiTu! alywi Hermit, 'liiv 
net , N Ikdfui'd, 1 I day s 85 p assengers. .neeh.U.lcs. 

tfaUteSi-PtoS l " /'.'^-^"■'"nerieansshwUI 
fish, liasbye'n sent i«u> Li 
' alter — I be M"h 

., Q.ielaei the lal 

jiniammg us i'iy,ltis ul n^saleiy. 

'I'hc tl'i.c.l of i',cessci bis hecn to 

it- ihe inb;iliitaiits.iil Mmigaii tiom iheir 



power : 
tribes fi 

■ aggravated byjutss in IV action 8 of the 
on, winch suljutd Uietp '0 » foreign 
U> alienate thevva^es nf iiUQluruufe 
mi tlie (titinv, b;vlu,,n ihey Wet A .(lit. 

non I 
qi-s, ' 

(N S) bj d,eSb.m- 
h Atnenean prisnu-„„|.;,- Crrry pi 

acouvoytnii. djs l '"v i ;;'' l ' ! :,: 

ni'lel, 8 dajn Iron. Saalern— l.-'Ve 
Vem.i S«e.h-, lioiu aroslfJll for 
Shelburce, b wreck— 
iuleui, and die oarlel 
CV a— Tlia La Hoguc, 
Mdy for sea. 

aiipotalrd and aliai>'loiie-d and m ..tlicve an ^s- 
tensive rqji.m ot roaht.y bm a mercilev 
late which desolated its bluer-. 1 
on its ci'.i'teiis I 
In oonitcqtlG 

itie moat liarfcMiig « 
nee of' our i»al so 

lake, and the opponftiiy uy- 
rorco..<-crtra.iir<our fmcca % water, operattu.ia 

SiTSbeenV^ ^% d ',r m e vanS 

r. w ,i„.i ilm nossessiolia « Uie on M 

fool H 

.my on 


nice, and 
llle final 

d the Anab.:l 
a.ati.'d bere-T 
St. BaiM ht* been lo 
The \nalqsinii ivilj ' 
Haliic Willi i-xehniie 

Htlll 12 utile-, men ol 
TflJ'r 1 




)o* session 
Lahience- Sucb, ftowuvev was 
prnduci d, in the ri'St i.isiauce by acv 
Iher of unusual violence and ;.to nm 
such Ibe eiiroin, lances u fi^."K 
moments o, iheavu.y, lhat ihe prospect, 
one litne so rayorabk.iv.s, ,01 .-aliped. 

The cruelly uf .be enemy, ipMUMW* the «v». 
nun a war will. 



llaliou in 
confined to any one 

pnil ; Pol')' 

Band w 1 ell ; *«d 



a. the 

"t 9 .Vntn, rfatf-rSolH-a Ruby, Truro. On Wcdneidn) 
at 5 I morniue, saw a suhr and two sloopi corejiia out 
,,f Cape llarbiio.-, bin the wind gelling Lu the "sup- 
T n leave I larlford for BoMOI. ,(« the \ E^tfS** JSZSAXF, 

middle road 1 pik«j)ftvery Morning, Wtdnuday fttme i(nv— Portuwe* 6 h,i e s <- P* le '"' frnm , lh f 

and ffidt'V niotttinv, Hi l J o'clock, and arrives a . ^ ,] e Vcitli i and sob St. Antonio, li"m Hew-Hul- 
ll.e Exelu'ngc Cff'jc Houae, Button, tiexl days, | ft „;i„,i, e f ur mer was boarded on Wednesila. evening, 
k. at Oflloun. I off Ciu-e Cod, bom the Majestic, and had part ol her 

crew (Americans) taken out and ileiiuneU 

St Vntonio was boarded on Friday last. In the 

5 o'coc, 

p_3=- PassmigerB travelling intnut" 
Lino of ^tas'' 8 "i' 1 ,10t bc d'fconirnodcd J -^ 
by riding nlfhta. 

rfj-SooKS forlberniry or the names of Pat- 
, ,;,.,,, will b< kept at the City Howl, If ew.York, 
Offden'e Oodee-Mnuse, New ftaveu, llipley'a ami 
iVau-, Coft'ar Hriiura, Hnrtlord, n«t at ibe Ei- 
chanirc CoffecHn«s«, n«iswt). 

riis umal fare chained— an« a" baggage at 
ihe li.'pi-- "f ihe .iW.ltiK, 

Solomon D. Gibson, { ^ ew .y orki 
Cornelius Seamans, \ 

I Ripley, Uii'tford, 

Pardon Luther, Thompson. 

Taiil Dudley, UoVgtWi. 
John Jones i*o«"> 

President's Message. 

rr?Tlie following Message was issued iVom our 
Office, on Prfday, r*ft« been NcdJ*. bV 
express, (torn Sow-Votk P-r .be benrf. «' 
our country fr.cnds it is given in ihe Gazette, 

ibis day- 


Stw vast. D i*.8-Yeal.r,h.y at lJo cluck 
the Presidenl-S MesKape was debve.ed to boll 

jid ihU njjornUJB. i*t '»»" 
d ut ibis iilli^e— L&- 
v „,i,V rV-j The exp.ess who brought it 
having travelled upwards ol MO mllH 
Uiice hours, heme; at the rate 

:i ^uarlcr all hour. Without 

ante " 


cdaiuities, ha* «»' 
,^rier. Whe.evrr 

Uiey couhlbc turned » S aj.. a t na, """"JS^ 
L tTecl it have beet) spued On our fun I ' 

lc rn border the Creek who. > "Jf <» * 

, mn .eisev,,niKiol--.i-. «W» ^ J^ 
quiiu-g mote civih«ed itbiVs, i>o a.i 
^n.tAeduc.ion A «ar in_ ih.u • -' <* h * 

f.n.ticm recc.uly pi«"^" W '" t! ll ' 1 '" 

short of the example of the enemy, .\<m ..w<- 
the utlvaiitnpcs they have occa ioi tl l \ tin. 
cd in baiye, cliicflvj to the nnmt 1 -■■ 
savage aaaociatfs ; and who h ive 11. 1 c,Oft- 
ti' ilu-ni cii. 1 .' 1 I11.11 i.'i ■ "■■ I [>i»t - 
vice o£mdisoriininau masrjGfe on defence"" 
less inhabitants) or from scenos of coma t 

iviihnnt a parallel, on prisottfcrs "1 :: b Rik- 
ish arms, guarcletl by all the laws of huma- 
nity and honorable war. 

For thei,e ennnnitica, thr; enemy are 
equally responsible, vvhatbsr with the pow- 
er to prevent them they want the will, or 
wiih the knowledge ofawaMof pov/onh y 
still avail themselves of su'dfi ii 1 stiniii' j itt-. 

In oilier respects the enemy ure |mi*s,uine 
a course which threatens consequences 1. 
afflicting to humanity. 

A standing law of CreiU-IJriuin natural- 
izes, as is well known, all" aliens, cbm plying 
with conditions limited to a shuilcr period 
than those required by the United Suus ; 
and naturalized subjects are, in war, em- 
ployed by her government in common with- 
native subjects. In a contiguous British 
province, regulations promulgated since; 
tlie commencement of the war compel cit- 
izens of the United States, bojng there 
under certain circumstances, to bear arms ; 
whilst of the native emigrants from the 
United States who compose much of the 
population of the province, a number have 
actually borne arms against the L\ States 
with-.: l:;i.;u seme of whom- after 
having done so, have become prisoners nf 
war, and are now in our possession. The 
British commander in that province, nev- 
ertheless, with the sanction, as appears, of 
bis government, thought proper to select 
from American prisoners of war, and send 
to Grcat-Briiaiu for trial as criminals, a, 
number of individuals, who had emigrated 
from ihe British dominions long prior to 
the suite of war between the two nations, 
who had incorporated themselves into out* 
pol'-Ucal society, in the m>.-|:-s r^x-gr.Ksed 
by the law and the practice of Great-Brit- 
ain, and who were made prisoners of war, 
under die banners of their adopted country, 
fighting for its rights and its safety. 

The protection due to these citizens' re- 
quiring an effectual interposition in their 
WJnalFj a like number of British prisoners 
of war were put into confinement, with a 
notification that they would e_xnei:ienco 
whatever vic-lem-*'. <"•<»'-- ' — c-otnmilted on 
^-^^rrrrertKuT prisoners of war sent to 

Jt was hoped that this necessary conse- 
oucnee of the st^^nadvkfcdlv,ta^ W) iim 
government ture3ecton tbo inconsistencies 
of its conduct, and that a sympathy with the 
British, if not with ihe American sufferers, 
would have arrested the cruel career open- 
ed by its example. 

This was, unhappily, not the case. In 
violation both of consistency and offiuman'- 
ity, American officers and non-com musioii-. 
rii u.ik^t*, in double the number of the 
British soldiers confined here, were ordered 
into close confinement, with formal notice, 
that in the event of a retaliation for the 
death which might be inflicted on the pris- 
oners of war sent to Great-Britain for trial, 
the officers so confined Mould be put to 
death also. It was notified at the same 
time, that the commanders of the British 
fleets and armies on our coasts are instruct- 
ed, in the same event, to proceed with a 
deslruclivc severity against our towns and 
their inhabitants. 

bat no doubt might be left with the en- 
' our adherence to the retaliating re- 
numbc-N^, U P 011 »-S « correspondent 
in our bano«ti'.h officers pri&oneffi of war 
close cotifineima^rp ininietiiatcly put into 
confined by the >»^buW tlie fate of those 
irovernmcnt has hceii^rV^d. ih c British 
inination of this governn^ ,[ ibe t- _ 
other proceeding against us, <%rg^ 
L , iumil c.» U (b..lwan-rc. . ", ■ 

It is as fortunate lor the Unitec 
that they have it in their powc 
enemy in ibis deplorable contest, 
honourable to them, that they dc notion. 
L i. but under the most imperious obltgtt- 
eations, and with the humane purpose 1 
effectuating h return 

e United States, 

ta meet tlie 

as it is 


the established 


1 oe 

nub snep 


war before it euuhl 

uwl boliire ii i-oui' 1 

iHatvklnili VVUli 

iwiuioibe aerv'icenl tfte U 

awl leanetJee.wiii-Sli 

mil otlfei anrpt 1 

K ke 11 luslin) imprca. 

ipvoail wmony 1! 

laioienlerpiiiei' 1 lil« ' •" 

Ollsi sVluW '\ ll'J'v-'C vi ilS Ul 

*.. .!,'> Il Oil. ir "..' | l. ' Ol 

■„■ llllOp!, 

iiumiimi t,iii.'". 
X'ocaiolop«Wl'™^ Dul 



of war. 


,ril Sound from ihe Nimmil brig— undtjnlup'l 
■Ueliadjmken aaehooner andsloop in ihe Sound.— 
Spoke nolhitiE mice leaving Hnlmc.' Mole. 

fi,-. 1 .('./— bi-ifcEoriipie, Ferrer, lorAmcluii 

Si <h .In- l.'.s (limru'is Amegoi, Havant; 

I-'HIIIA V Dee 10 — .As »eb >'oi, KmRbt, Portland, 

,,,.,,.,. wood, IH sea, liih anil pOUalll, f>1. sK. 

Hotluy, Mailheii Diltljw, ami W ul'Coonress.all II, a copy was recei 

t.-_. 1 'l*lii* i-Ylne 

t wenl y 

Of ten mib-aioul 

making any «1 

i- llie \\XM necessary to p.ocute 

pniisetl— ami 



littt m, 1 

6, n: 


,\ li.vei- nii.i'ieei sea made I. ppesraucf mltroad Tat niurttlaj.anttTii-satfrOiiisWwW s1 '" 1 "> 
a In, . ;... ,..■ ,., . ..mi., beinjl '■■ *tadwa«t. ewapetl 

-i„- ul ,, ;,■...! .0 levcrnl I ( boats " ll ' ! '*u Dar. 

l kc ilnup Cathmine, Buinmaii tailed IVoni Bath 

,,.. id, ■;.!, \,m im fin' Hi Hon, a eavKO of wilni, 

e-at i aniuwrasi glM» wart, btu and nine iieiwnarmi 

, ,_,,,! i ■ S'.W ■ all ■■ i m day. die pi-iin* 

.. , „.,. a 1 , ..[. 1. .' ■■ ■ ale< '" !■■.>■ it »uJ.» 

UicntB and 10 change horses. 

From Ibe XutioaaTln'^/ie^tct.r Bxira, ? 
If-mtA. »_?<<■•' aVriA W*- '■ > 
This Dav at 13 o'clock, ihe President of the 

SAI.K 10 both Houses of C.mgrehS, 0> 
Col< >. bis Secretary- 
Sellm Ci„z<>» >f <>'- Sew " c 

.,,'dof I'u- "'■ 





. - 
the Picnrli c"v.'i nnirnt on tue 
,,,ve been ,- huiB cffinmll'^ , " 
e rerejvci! .m etiici-lnimn '"mc 
„, hl ,,. „o««ion. rfte M'"- !l ' 

.« vnfjuieu "•'""■;';;,,;;:: In propel uu|inili.iiHie« 

.,. „r in- m.-inn, as prescribed by hi. In- 

Dud nnl 

I,, pre it 

.. o/ ffejlraff "(«'.' W« 
L.Uliepreaau.1 inierealir»R con- 
ei. he jo 1 a (atiaimctory 

,,,„,., u fcfouiaiuvl l '"-'' K , ;„.,!,!,. Ilh ,i„ 
f l could have a tavnra 
IS Musaion c.har K ed u, «B°»^« 


martial v.riil widi which 
at hopes of a salisfaeiur) 
c( ] l,v the eomplele «.cce-s Willi 
„ „ t •„, ■ on " *"• - , riae wni execuleil i.Knm*i 

B t.ntl> VtWdl^vagW »■ uu(lB1 . llw command ol 
, ',"" a '!hn, Ceo' Ctitl'ee—n.l by » still mm* rmpor- 
lb ,rf»aWi latMbtalS -if dieu., Enmed under 
!r in ,-.Ute of Maj. Gen. JaeklOl.-a.. 

i^ually ,li*i-ni.UliedXaTh1. ptirfotlsto and V" 
mi 'Sa«Wmatie perseverance of the ene- 
my in courting tire aid of the savages in 
-,|! I quarters, bad the natural cficct ol kuul- 
ling their ordinary propensity to war ,mo a 
passion, which, even among those b. al dtS- 
posed towards the United gates, Was ready, 

fo not employed on ouf ride, to b e turned 

atrainst us. A departure from our protrac- 
ted fnriiearanee to accept the aorvicea ten- 
dered by them, has been forced upon us. 
But in yielding to it, the retahmlon has 
been mitigated as much aa possible, both in 
ita extent and in ita characien, stopping tar 

'I IK «lert« "' 

lulijerit t>ft|«U 
iiee."'ii,,iu... ba 

IhC -In.e "f >■' 


,,,;,, I 

ibe .lb 

Ja huua.k "f difence U n,l tecu.Ky fn fr. 

s:n,e-,nur;il.rc.,i.M,.ui, n [ i. 1 v,,,,..i : e'i ' 

lc( l iu uie nnuun«l nuworilj n nw ..1 
Hlon nplllrlM nn iiu 
I „ell 11- 11 i.-'inr. 

, , uy li-iv.e- il.' -'i 

f lite United '!■'" 
.„, _ rcvlllno of ''"' l " ,,M,n ' 

,;,;';„, ufwrt ^mu'e / ,Wi...l.y. 

giill pliced ui'der tl 

"'lt'w'll tltsei'vethe cnnaideraiion of m 

, .'/.'V. .1..1. ito*«"fi 
naiitta hvv.Jms* 1 

nderduep.e-a; __, % m ^^ ... 

detachments Cftlle 1 

I slllfl. 

-WSSC's ofiTar, public 
' "dvanlaR. hi the" ««[•« 

fX 1 ikeit 


a . ihcl.e-t pn 




ill It I I , 
,:,■ ruilliiit ) ■■ 
■ 1 pi til in 1 . ii- 

■11 1 itnd 'if "•> ■ 

1 ivrtunm 

iiji 1 , ■ i... ''.■ 

. . . V . ■- 

-ailed 'he emul") '"■ ■ 

,. g, veroniani ul •••■■ I 1 

her ii..|>M.icmeir.% . ■'• • 

.... -, noi K-.pibe 1 rtg'il 1 ■ ■' 

„„.,..--. l< u ilefravhia 'he eapew ; 

iciilmitol'ie Bial aa pm[ 

u...-. pieW mi • " ' "' 

wilieiwi ' , -' lK ' T '.. r „„. 1, ami prlvau, 

is .-V 



lb. 1 . -i 

,. m b Uiipurtai 

lor 'lnl"--'ve 

potts ul rrienrllj |»w 

:-., ...ii ««" 

icifiil ii.-i' , --i"' 

; r , 11,. inn Mflfiw ■■ " i 

1 1." 

tu vi, I 

may supply iht d • • ■" 

iu hot ■ " ■- 
it war *ifa 

>*..!, i. i ratti i e1i« ■inl r«n*id>i n - •»<•) 

,,, : ,., ..„;, ,„,.,,, ,.. R. ih* vicinity. «uit > i*TR< »•*£< « '' "* ' 
feapiirrt- conU not 1.m« h^tiellWd W.Uj.n (l '« 

. , ,.i, ■■.-.■, JO I. "( S T . ,t on p-fiiod ».f l.m« briwrj-n tin*, wdflurtijl 

I ..,,,„ ,* ic ■..■,.,.,! i ....... d,...U..i.i...| ; .rs: FROM THE N. W. ARMY. 

,. i , ■ ..-i .._»■. .-i ■■.,,!■ o-ilii JIN were tlte pro. j M ibtnfcisvRV,(* r.)*»'« »— We learn thai ■ 
... .i M'.'i ■ n.w iijg faJj lire dtmattda for t 5mst | ,|, 'srahl ni m ol Uritiah, w six batttaiiX, 

put i. ■■•'. ■■■ : i"« msMiedrntl-e I i*a«»ry | came tin il.e Lake ■> few daya SRO. »'>d burned 
OiMhr d v, ne r 7 "'I. ■ - 1 ''" l » IM ,,, " ,rr j the •"■re !""'<• ■' ''""I'"'* « ""(I, «'hit'h we 

the iii-V.H > ■= n.'.ci in tn act ol lliefldo . ,„.,), t i, » •* ..r ■.■.«.«■• « ..!»■. ^ •- ''.-■..- 

MitilM U»'. W I i'*i«K «vi:ii indlitffis and j „<% i, „, i.l.I. ilml »*) other lia-pinR*! was <t«ne. 
,, tl ,, , . -,,i.,. ■;,„, ..,-1. i... 'i ••.. obi/uied (... j i ;,,.!.■, rtportwl. that a dcrarlirneni «( Bu- 
rn, I..... -s'-- t . ti.. <■. ; ,,i m. i ■, 1 1... n j fo\, hftv« Imrreenird afnrt lnJtr-n twelve waggons 
,1 . ,.- in i led if! 'I' pre- ! Ion It-. I triili pi mum ins frrt* Clausburg-h '" the 

i»mV« <y hi I ■ ,: "■■'■'. "" isw «r rt* 

'•pom and iw»k«-*i !m " ■ > |nrrr»J>o ifl 

t. runt* 

tl i .1. 


* Hti'ri inifu lethaU* nrund* " 
There cannot he desired a tnoie satis 

• ,, lf |„,.|..i »titnaiO»CO'-sidei*Wt.'*«DUnl 

« ii rw-nacesaaiv >" '••-' obUhwd m ibe ■™tne *ay 
a- rhf0.e«n»«;n ff >rti t -ud t...w .l.c ...< r-.i-td 

c.u...l of ih. i ">. •""" J,e f, "'">' *' 11 ' 

,. ; „ h [|„ |,e p,.b1u »wf«B«iw:nU liw« Iweii 

t. ,.,.: i:, c* nroii m«nl« I. " mi>> "c'etl tn $■■ "'.cr" 
cunu'V snpp'ie* '"i 1 ' 

mth ii..i it.' necc»iary pe- 
,.1 1,.- weminp 
- ,-nrii-ni >c»r, fr'm tlic 
qu ralliitft fviOOn il, kavcjne- 
cvttTJO been e**n*i^. K-a on » jo«i e»nm»te 

oF .!,<• c»mp»igii, in ».li«cli il.a pnn ;■« "» 

hcc> iT«if.i!, ikccwi wi I nol be round diip«- 
,... t , , , * , ifal id«-«ntaRe« wbieb b>« been 
gained. Tie e»Ap«igft bat irwtred, »n iwhUer 
Hkffesinwne quarter, brrn let* fi»oor*l«e thun 
tfu uxpceuA, hju io wtd«ioni«}ihc |n\p«Unce 
prqiir ntvaUuceeiMthe pruffreia oi inc cam- 
pi 'iri 1 j. I.lm 1. filli .1 wih incidents highly Ron. 

,.r ifili yi I!,- Amf'ir .'i n-rrn 

rlieatia'k* oMIk- ei.em> on Craney-Manc.nn 
f.ii \r ic, in Sirtart Hsil'nr, andnhSin- 
ii..skv, h^'« h-.-Lr. vii;'.r.iush and cuocefifully ?«■ 
nuked i nor l>Mf lliey "■ "») c ' 1 ** turctxded on 
.; |,rrl r.unrr,rJH p\ing when directcil ignmtl 
The tfeat cable nvellinwnl individual*! op rtlhi- 
f.« ii.ipri r.." i '"■ linotfi '.'I'll. 

O. ihi (the 1 l.»a.Ulie moreiTtCtils o!l«eAtner- 
iaviktm) -hdvebrcn follo»ed*by Hie tcduciinn 
u| Votk .">.l of Furtc CeuigCvKete »i 'i Maidens 

bv 'lir recffTuryuf Dcuoii uml il.c cxi'mch 1 

th-- Indian wn in ilie tt.o.n .1 b) ihe occupan- 
Ey ^p commind of alarpe portion ol Upper e^na- 

A,, flniile' have nltn bvenl rhi on Itw 1 P ■' n 

..I ifo St. l..«r. iii-i-, \vi,.,ij. il.rt. s lu».i aeconi- 
pl ibinelheir entire oljcctn, i'ft > 1 l">n<" "" "" 
3i»cipline»iid pruweaitpruui a Idicry.U.a btti 

, , v 1 „f evepiual victory lulhc aame acale 

Kiet'i be placed ilic UicauccL'a»eaiii the lunth, 

.1" ihe nioi werful, *bidi hai be- 

tome one ufibe hw»i litiaiilc ah^ot rhe lhdiun 
in I ■ i. 

It HOnMifiiappnper loelOM ' 1 ■ ■ - >" ■;' ,l 

.ni..' t ■ \[>ivi >.>k * iliaulifiilneu, in whw" » • ■ 

1 itefbMlir ->n wltub wir 

t.-« ei nlinnra to be nVra-ed , lor lb t » 

t,, wHeb «»ertprvml« OOP hni*. Mill ibe pre- h -ni ' inb hiiitfitt: i" r ibe pn ■ - ■ 

..1 ■ .1 imni|Uilit>,a»<1 'I" -liWil) ">l tmr n« 111- 

.,,.,, !u .i ,.„... r nil fur iheirthl ofdivim iiu'M. 

■ ,<l ilw ppotckUon ol >->m mat»« eumeiei'W '" ''"' 

. ■ |,.j r or it— Ami .lit.—, I in out b.cumtu 

• r fei.iibi cutol'ci an txerairtii.o fium lb* CtiIi vl tliet* "ill uwerbe rep'r-leil I" llIB pi , e»««il 

(-fe.ili. U il, c 1 iemla. n.ny,BBt».ii ihewRbtaol 

rill ,i,„, ■. _ii„r enU"Uj hat bf fnre prefe»Pi*l LheBi to 
,1,. Ii-evmling pnmutinn wbluli »ai il»- ■lieriialitc, 
when I In . ■ . ..I .<.'ln»r. .1. il.c ct.i«c mini* k'" 1 

hirtb m mn 111 "1 liwlepi nlvnae— and ntm« who 

« «inuli.ti' iliu maenmule, and U • I it" ">!"= ".' '*»' 

r *«ni *i»»bi ■ 

"- '■ l IbapW t 


I- , .. I. Mi'K. bud \l.e » 1 mniiiii.caiii'n w 
entm tv cut ,.fl ~\\ l.etlu 1 thVi ii tru? »r not, Wil- 
ki. .»<«>"» army trwai 1" i" *»r«p pWil. 

Cnl Cluprn h*» rberived - ilhcfcapg* *"r..m the 

tcrviceul the United Blaief, ae-reeablj * re 

quell, lie !■»« PClurnad Tmm Kurt George, with j 
n.osl i.f ihe vnliiiiiecn iniile' *i» (-nmm*'i<l. «li" I 
vie are Hilonned will ahortly bi- rjiachargid. 

Arrest of Gen. BampLM, 
From it..- Pla'oabnrgli ((■ publican, «■! tl« 4'l» 
in, 1 :_■• Maj, PSnkiHu, Aid i" 6*n. ffiiKiwm, 
amved »l ih.sp.isi.a lew d.iya sir.ra. with «rdei ■ 
from fJen.SrV. we tindartuud, to arrest Maj-ip- 
Gentral Himfitn— the Gen hadh»wever lefttlus 

f.irihe sombnar.:, and Maj Pinhuj bai jfooe 
on 19 eaecuie Ina uriiei I. 

A Ttuilii gtf>. paper of lHe*ml>er 10, Kale*, ih it 
(Jen. Humiium hull nul left ilie Him) from an iippr.- ( 

l,.n,i 1,'ni tTTcat 4 butfrora the peculiar eireum.- 

..:.,.. which bin iroopl were, anil from n coni.p- 

ttun that nuiblng niorocuall be done «• ibe preiern 
Ban.iiaign. ilo« far Gen. Wilkinion maj be auppvrt- 
e>\ m ilion.rciii.rCm II. will ctepeuil mi ilu- n , «'*- 
urca .r il.e iinln irj cabinet, of wbiab »c ilu nW pr«- 
lend i'i l'c mni. acquainted with 

Fjfrorr>o/* .t'fee /mrf nurfirr»(an, Dec. 4. 
" I i.n*e ihi- e »enta« •i , ^» « gfiillemnn «h» Itft 
Wilkin hh'i upmy on ThnrarJaj in-i, « huiaja.ibal 
Ibe enrmt arc fnniFy)i>f! an lalnnd ni il>r mouih 
of ^almi.n 'i>", [in wllifli WllkinaonS b .altrovi- 
r.l) nblrhHill rvmpletely ctnin.tnd ihe paw.— 
I he General r« atill h» Mntuue. und r- pob*iiI*--i- 
. eni, afi us in vi i.ik «i ho ii I Mi mum. lie ha* or- 
dered Gr-n. Flump. <in Fo lie it r relied, fui ni>' br*i- 

facir>ry prrof r>( the iteiling merit of the 
" OIJ FaimeiS" wiitings, than the disttes- 
sing commotion into which they instantly 
throw the whole lieid of placemen and pen- 
sioners. No sooner does the " Old Farmer" 
make his appearance than the " legion" cry 
out. Lveiy profligate demagogue, from 
the "Grand Lama of democratic adora- 
tion" to the most venal pimp of office and 
pa-asite of power, writhes and shakes like 
a trembling criminal condemned to the dis- 
cip'ine of the whip, while his buck still 
smarts from ihe eflccl of recent flagellation. 
Those who, in the United Slates, how with 
abject servility, or fawning adulation to the 
*• supcremincnt" Napoleon, seera to regard 
his pen with [?le same indescribable horror 
with which a sufferer under the hydropho- 
bia is affected at the sight of water. What 
ihe spear of lihuritl was to Saian in the '.'..'^j 
garden of Eden, such are the Farmer's ex- 
prrsitions to Democracy. At his scrutiny 
the guiw cf hypocrisv drops. He has look- 
ed with a patriotic but indignant eye on 
« wickedness in high places," and he has 
swept away the " refuge of lies " When 
he saw his country plunged into war by a 
lying proclamation, and its concomitant jug- 
gling, and the most criminal collusion with 
a foreign despot seemed but too palpable, 
he did, indeed, chastise gu«lt with a Hercu- 
lean hand and a scorpion laah ; and when, 
subsequently, pushed to desperation by Mr. 
Webster's resolutions, falsehood and sophis- 
try Jtiemptcd lovindrikxte perfidy andfiaud, 
he repcatsd ihe correction by eiposint; the i l" (,S[ ' nl ''"'; ■' 

removal of pajMie lervants whom thef 
diem incapable or dishonest ; the patriot 
who like the " Old Farmer" asserts ihe at 
uibuies of liberty unawed by the despotic 
menace that " all opposition mual be 
hushed," un^ppalled by threats of biavocs 
oi the bludgeons of a mob will be entitled 
to ihe greatful acknowledgments ol every 
votaiy of the rights of man throughout the 
worlds as well as the plaudits of all 

« federalists ut ihe liostoa Stamp." 

:i<-T v."l 
Xew Yi 

(-..iT. n .'>'l"-e Haiubbiocc 
on s jiu r da)- evening ' »'. fiun 

MH. OGltV.E. 
Mi- Oertvn after nn abaeiice of inraa yean, k- 
tommaiitMis dcliverii.B omh'oiw ui rWo... wiiini-ro* 

Manine ITreane annayiicifl for (Ihi oebm ^r- 

iiearafrnn lh«piil*a printa/rf ilwc tyy, in have 

been n fiivniite u-itla varioui nutiei-eca. Ki-om the mi- 
lurenfUie aabject, n.ncli ium< be eareoted al the 
hantlatif Mv Ogilrie, i'i a ■• Urn i ictsii mi ihe Lei- 
Un .1 Jiaii s '" 1 Ma "-Invincible Judge, who 
ni i. ne lime moniipuliatd in K.nijlai >' Ibe l"" 1 *. 1 " uf lUu 
■ I'..'-" ik'.-iie'l l.o.ii illicit, t h alrarnt* llnit Inua- 
ti-iiii lii-a alw«y« been tJijei tn iinaljae a gtiniusUi ite- 
' ;. No iheme is move popular, «'»! on nnua ma) 
cpiticiimleirnBleioeaeilea inorevowuilul rrtneit, 

f*9 f 9n cis .4mory. 
Ztoll-CnTea, -..•■- . ?* , \ 

IWn., - - - - J . - - -."».- 

far*na. .',.-*- , „ . , „ - 

Mole«att.Whhd»reCanV . - - « — ° ' - . 
ffy Ptimptunftlaret St Dorr. 

ileell-JiiUila W-li^brtirH-'il- **»" ,w 

ibWam -v. tN.1:o lt . . - 1 II* 

» hill" *i>K»''. - - ■-■--- ", 
IFHhM liitt ■ Salt, |-'i bag. *■**-,„* 
rani) Ih. Cjirraccni Oocna i erC »i. - l« 
Htf E. St i,. Partes- 

1 ;>, ^7 — Tea, tW-hli. Ctmno.Wlbtiire, 

; |.tty« m "»kui,Vlb." ' : - - I ««« ' ; " 

1 t ■!, Dohea, i. - * ' '*? 

I Pmiei'in, 1 bait Jamaica, - -' - - *■* . __ 

1 Hum, 18 khtAeaiined 4«h pwt " \ M a '- 3 " 

C, g «,a.anUoja5aSpaiilA 1 - - - - U « '* 
I 3uj.p, 107 bmea bm* n, ordinary] - S 

tty Cufeb tlatfuarif. 
I /Jcc It— Muaotailu Sugarf, miili 6o 

j Mix...' ...... ^ - - - u{ 

rnioas or stocks- Bmton 
! old, and 1> MiMtiiirct Si.,rk,93 a 9"*prrt- 

IiiiiIht 0"-cii 

iln 5a 

Occupied l.v Mr. CaWJi 
■hoi i lime threatened i 

I «ores cmiliRii 


mg last, a fire out in 

l.le sKuched t.. tlic p'lldic bnuat! 

in il.e Square, " for* 

t ilesinuti'i'. ol all die house* 

but by the npinu'd .'Serlions 

oTllieinhabhania ofil.-t and the neiehuoniH! t"«"S 
who promptly rendered tbeiP auialaime, iU pri.gpesa 
«a< arrested, after rleMi-fliine ih^ aValle, tairt-n llniiW 
and oiii-lmildiiips Mi- flatef** hoosr, a,ilj»ltiing 'be 
UVcrn, IlinliiRa brick ljHitkn,.ni, v>n>» powtilUl bur- 
nti in aire* ting ihe progieu of tlic Bamci 

New - - - tto 

Exollatigtd • do 

Mum Slale Nulea, - - - 

Mass. Umk Sbaies, - - ■ 

Cohioi' du do - - • - 

IfHIlHt '1" <I" - ■ ■ - 

Slate do do - • - - 
counsa of exchavcb— . 

HilU oa Loiidna, at 30 daya, UJ <• Hi P'-Jrt.dtl 
Do do 60 do 1? a I3j do 

Do »lo 90 do 124 « J 3 do 

BANK WlnaClOHS— 7 Vim H'efh. 

rurr o' urile 

it iii.t Gen. Il'impi 

hi. Oidft'l to ili( •iririei. manner pi>- 

h:<- br.-n CuDtlbntlj on hi* tu;ird hi 

iJ. innueji I have n 
idravnuieil In jmriue j 
bit', as he ' 
,|> ! 

ihe 1 

i.r iv 

day ' 

k i a tUufil'e- t- 

Hid on ubicb il i'liiitil the A- 
mi n i"- 1 pii ' 


-- >h£%&sss£X£s 

:■:",::''::: , v ~w 

V....M., iWivl»a«1ar\iKeU &« nnen.a .m- 

p...,ri..;.ua ami permancni proanenl) ol the na. 
,,.,., c nR»RC>l hi -ntm, s..»!. .a the btvoran ill- 

v .,\ .fti« United Sta.ea, iiud, ilie'eal.m, iei 

.,1,1.,.. --. i which ii ■ been t'-" 1 - 

Delled lo enter, ai* TnHfeaied b»' imiivriVrtnenl* 
io.l* ofwuiriUhaCtnileU iBwllla Ibe 

"if""e •»••■ •">• ln«nr»fd ^' ln"e«upilj>w *t 

nut imette.ilba* m "ut wine ecberbbed 

., ..I MMpKcl -u! .-■ raclu.ea. ■>, .„,ke 

„ , ,1. . n.-lrnt '.f all r..h. r rnunlfie. fill tb* r .nmal b.. ft* " , " lh "* ""*'' .'" 

ike, I- iiie MtU nil. for Wa- 

,, lirf.irr Hie offlcpr aitb hu i.ncrl." 
The eiimt tr.ieidny viailed Cumberland 
li. jii •■ lib vt t iou £•'""■'• '•'■ ' burnt ni. »ld store 
h..,..r, m .. bich bud lireii depnalred a large q«uo- 
nn nl plOviiioO', nil uF uhirh, excepting 5 nr 8 
!,;.(, rl- i.f beef mid t krgv ,.f damaged fundrr, 
had been prcfiouil) remn*ed lo ihe arm). The 
G..m m. id ore, fahoarai Ihcn In riaM^ur^h Hay, 
lliliurdialel) Rave i hare, but ihe riicmv reli.rned injur j i av Ihe mind «a> porilnaardlv, 
niir fli-fl Co old 1101 make hendna* » iili ihe gut- 
fles Our flerl If a' ill al the nurihumd, though 
on uceouni uf ihe ulinal* and ireh in the ntrrnw 
pant of ibe Lake, nenr.tbe line» f nud ai ihii in- 
rlrmrot sea-no "f the jeur, ihe Comraodure can- 
tioi, mlh xiFeli, pKisue Ihe enemj very far. We 
!.■!'-■ Ihe fullest rnnfiileiire in i he tbitl nnd cour- 
n V r «f ihe i. ''. r.- and his nfiieera and crews, 
»bi»areull ver) unsiooslora fl^hi t bui ihe ene- 
my hnve m.r teniared inlu our tiaten^iure our 
l.pi.'ttsJieeo eaniijiped, eace|iling u fe» row ^mI- 
siilifi a*rf di.r'ni-firf ifiM-iiii. nnd us soon 
» We are not without apprehensions that 
no's armv or 


fh- .n»mc will ana*- 1- \* ■'Hocnre'd armi 
iTativburg thii season, as it is sau they 

preparing for some expedition, we know 

not what." 

I. l . i . from the weaiw»rd date, that it was 
KrioTUed the British hi Kingston, couumplsied 
' llarbai f khdthat the Din- 
od I'.t ii'L i Were marcli- 


C>Thf Si'lectinen and Firewatds 

Gharlcaiown, in behalf of their lellow Citticna, 
thank* to the geiillenjen 
a ., K ine Men, ■ndtheCilizenatifBua- 
contempnble fallacy and the unbjnshiDg ] .on.Ctmbiiilgv.andtliericimniroPiiieipppoinpi 
mendacity of ihe Sccretaty to detestation. I viil spirited exepllons at the fire inCharluSioain, 
No wonder, then, that the reported author ' onSalurday evening last — fly Order e/iA* * s ^- 
of the " Old Farmer" is equally hated and 
feaied by hireling scribblers and their pay- 
masters ; and that unable, by argument, to 
confront the majesty of truth and the confi- 
dence of conscious Kctitude, the champions 
of executive profligacy essay to sooth their 
mortification and gratifya ihiist of revenge 
by railing and cursing. This iscvidence ol 
a salutary effect- it shows that ihcy feel — 
If the callous can be awakened to a sense 
of shame, it may prevent a repetition of tur- 
pitude— reformation may ensue. 'Ihe Farm- 
er has, therefore, much encouragement to 
persevere. 'Ihe rage of mercenaries will 
excite popular attention and a spirit of in- 
vestigation which will be fatal to impostuic 
While the most imperious and direct de- 
mands from one nation have been courteous- 
ly palliated as having " the air of an a>su- 
med authority," a simple proposal of a 
treaty stipulation from another has been re- 
buked as " touching those vital principles of 
Y?.W*.UiDt]F w hich it should not be presa- 

li. Grttut 

. Ji. braifirit 

. R O Sl„m. 
. J Priuee. 

■ J ti IVilliw. 

Uctmtn iiml t'i.~cnaril* •>/ C/nirle^t'jifi- 

JOHN Kt: I I tXL. town Cleik. 
Chiirtrtronn. tire 13 

£5" The Subscriber returns his 

most iincere ihWiks io ibe ciliaens ofCh-irlestown 
and Uumoii, It-i their spirited exeniuns ii> rescu- 
from 'lie fie, on Sat ut day even- 
alMtON LOl'i'is. 


Uni>,., - . 

IlllSI'llI, - - 

Stale, - - 

N England, 

jii tf own l)n»i — Maasacliiisplts Bnnfc, Jihnttatf 

and riiiwatliiv— — Uti It..i'k, 7WiJ.ii/ Boa- 

Ioh I'link, 'i'ueiiloy and Fi'itttn Siaie. Himk 

.1h»,liw and Thwtilau New-Engiand Bank, 

Tuenl-iy Httd Friday. 

tj&The Southern At ait due yesterday 
mornhif, liiil '">' '"-'ived oitr cvtvmg -alien our 
paper vii< put lo preft. 

irtg his pr»peri) 


Charttumn, Dee- 

CXiiJENEZER Hakeh, nrCBeuts 

eratefol aeknowltdgemenla to In* I'lienili 
tailow ciliaeiia oH-harleaiown and Ilnsinn.fot 
i spirited and succtsitid exertions in lescu- 
bis property from lb* fi", "n Sainrdsy i ren. 
Charltttmu , Jfcc IS. 

gy* Messrs. Jobs Skinn,eu & Co. 

prcKeiu their moit ; gMiefid ntkiidwledgc-menij 

to Iheii t'riKiids aid lillow citizens or Clunles- 
to«„ti. to.' their and generous 
aasistance in preserving ibeir property, wh 
eminent danger ol b^-iiig 
Sjlurtiay eteuuig 

msnracd by firs, on 
i7i..r/cwi<i»Jt, Dec. \'i. 

an alUck on Sackel' 

p.. .iir. late Willi Wilkinson's atnij lijd bcira du 

mountrdat Ulita: arid llicinui W 

ed (of the tlaib. 

Bloch (frfc 

Admiral Warren, b 

3$ a it f, B - ( liicnlatr, be*l, flu. I ami S. 80 ti 
30 -Kuikia Roods, oda.-incid, Dork, hi quo), S9 

aid; Kiiv^.k, |U a "il)~ I'lnur, a little depressed, 
taj 15ol6-Cm.., \,.,ih. I loo l?5-l!emp, 
rleun, he-r,S15 o JUO-leuiher, ,ole, «5 Cl« — 

head, h;ir and sheer, a little .-i.l-. i I - M • I . i ■ ■ .■ , , 

I" ■■!. ,!.. ,1,, ir c, ' .i 3 -J - Nairkii... Hi .hi - 

•k, 13 a 16 j Muscatel, S 50 a dnllr. 


n, dn'ed 

inM.i.-inu' ■!»■ 

1 1 deprndeni ••" onus i nnd w • 
idem an esient "bleb wdl tie 
pie- in u,.i fut^ic inter coarte with foreign mar- 

li [,mcb Ut«'l»ehs«bi*i>*s|iWO«d J POli.t*n»idei* 

t,- i .1 l.-ab. linlm nhjtenduiable 

j„ tl,.l. .nh.r, pml n,-.[«i)' t .(.url in.-- >_ > ' 1 IHV. 

II ii.t *.arh»«exi3o«en usi • ■■■"' p'*iaiion»oii 

theiH-cau,and ed tor) iaauHhaia- in» lba IhuuJI 

,,,,!,,. ,,| ii„ ,, i ... ,i "ii-.ii i.r relaUalirrg me 

ran . .ml "' in a ilii - I l '-"" "--"" v ''"i l " lltl "- 

.tit 1 II, >' n Mm "■'-•' *«* 

,,t ■,;,.■,.!.,- ii m imptdtr acsafovm K l> 

Loos; Ul;,nd 
um hi> . Hn i,l pnppr # 
Inris of Ihi. i ew rnca- 

a til III' UI 

It, deft in 

: ■ i ■ 


, i nmc [io»n 

Koi-; l i the in"'' of tl"- n»tiu'> I nit^. 
d.r ,,- of ,1,,'n-i'i d.aeipHne "'"I itiilnj|svti>pi»liBa- 
U.niillnj; ind ilutiibniinswiirlikcpi^l*'"' ••It" "i'h 

h*e K, I re ^ tsbieinvj <U< -><•- fbeci ft.lm 

»l.,l, Iho «dl U .»,ol..v-d ■'' «■•« be I 

* il, tthittt 
I- .■ v. I-. ; 

* ■ '' ' pro v wl ..ii. , 

' ' ■ "-'i li.ui I". .. K ,,, 

'■'■> I .01 v jii,. ,,.- in 

i ,.,.. . ihA, .'. ... !| . f r . , , j 

.,, U | tl. 
-i, .■..■ |||, 

eti rfllildly givlD| ' ibe ICth Nnv. last, ha»f"dered the blurknde 

I nf oil the pml* ami 
Snund. ■Ihefolli'wi.,)! 
poiniaool iheettent uq; 
■ ate of hostility- 

•« 1 d". by virtus' "F 
nr C'nn, and in nbeil 
rei rued. Offline, I 
lufcrc proclaimed) i 

nftleoi.— tJ»e4«de J" Ihul I h.ivi iil,o ordered 
•it fun oF Lonf'lsnd >»und, t>eiag ibe >ea 
: foint, ,,r the lusiern 
a.i.l il.e pninl nf land nppa- 
rulled BJnrk I'uiol, a.i.i- 
tbe luam land, [..geiber 
oui», i rerx,, and euirao- 
||. ftlrera nl New-Tor^, 
0..II-. i recks and bajs, a- 

?"«'' and authority t» ' 
e lu ibe -.ideis I huse ' 
i "nl* Ihe i«irl; t here- ( 
II rum. lined ip a stale ; 

■e- I 


ITh»I li.i.e unliiii 
Pair,! ,.f Lung Mu, 
sue therein, ranjijj 
"ie uu il.e se=. 
* till all (he pur 
■ c- of iiic Uaal a... 


fV-rrosm-. l'aicti i.««R»ir.-Many spec- 

Uw. by one nation, has received an apology SHVo^^^.^K 5 It'^lvX 
as being a mere " miscomti\iction cf our " 
law and a misapplication of the principle of 
reprisals," acts less outiageous in principle, 
by anothor, have been denounced as " pi. 
ratical-and have called forth columns of 
tumid Presidential animadversion. While 
from one nation we have tamely submitted 
to be stigmatised as " men wiihout just po- 
litical views, without honor and wiihout en- . 
ergy," and silently brooked the reproach of ' 
colonial vassalage ; from another, we have 
taken fire at the appearance of 3 ministcrul 
sarcasm, and the passions of the populace ' 
have been invoked, by the Cabinet, in sup- | 
port of national honor. The most insolent 
letters from the accredited minister of one ■ 
nation have been sedulously concealed from I 
public view, less popular resentment should 
be excited against the Government, in obe- I 
dience towhose orders they were addressed ; 
and it has been attempted, by our fastidious ' 

— *>oii|). Am. 9 a II -N. I'.. Rum, I 25 a l«S - >u- 
un' . IU*. white, 24 a SS ; l.rnwii, 2J a 21 ■ Mal- 
envntfo, best 9S a SI, and other quulitie> in pro- 
poriiou— halt. Si. ULe^. I isboif, \c, tt dnlli i Lit 

eri I. T t-laiid, at. S 50 u dolls - Tea,, ad- 

njine— Vi-rdieroe, ) a I 15. — The above ute the 
mux materia! alieruiiun* l-ir ibe pail week. 

Sahs of Merchandize) nl Public Auction, 


V»nTtl WJRS 

Al I|*Hi.I. Dr. Thomas St if all, in Mi's Mnry 

n, .,,_ •., i iinrlmown. Mr. Henjamin Jtlama, to 

\t, . Snian Wyrnam, cld( ' danKUlsr In hehcrotab 

V,, . 1 .. - si Ci.rti.ii 7ih !■.<« ht iheRiv. Mr. 

Mile Mr \Ajt>, II. Eager, mer cf Hon on, l« Miss 

I Kbva Rrnfe-Al I'ortamoulK. (N M| Mi*. Robert. 

i R.te. mav i<-M" fibatr-lieRnddai-d j Mr. Nmb'i 

I M-. io 1,1'iu Deiae) Miller— Al New-Tmk, 

i AvneiUfara Brn i m,. \l,..t i -i— At Animlell, 
\', Saoiflfl l.i.U.r to M.-t P..i>v Thon<|vani, At 

Aletamlria. Sai I B Shro»e,tnB»diB«l.l. Smellty. 

In ttii> lown, la«l c*ehtiip. b) the lit v. Dr. l-nllirop, 
Mr As Lcwfs, to Mi! Mi.vv Lewis. 


*.| Cniii,-, ir, On last, of i be prev'.iling fever, Mr. 
John l>V*zer Hi*l,nfibi» main, mti i>Kf<l SS, son ro 
Joseph Hend,— Al Hermuds. capt llenjamii*- 
iWld. hu ml Hi ■■■ i . -■{•*■! 5a— AtCttnimdiiieita, Ten. 
Aleanndei' Hea ;-Tt n U. S S,.|ilii,rs, belon-img lo 
ii,| Senn'i icb'I. wliith ia said ta have lost between 
K mid SW -tii. i'li, :«'«.: s> ;in I cV: rrt'.tn -!ii.-j;iR '/-% 
march to *ti.tfc. u*s Harbor- Al Meiiilrn. Dr. Bniign 
Kniiph, aged (<7 At Ncwpoit, capl- ftlomaa lh..i- 
•'«>. jr- htttl -il'— Al l-'iiltiiiiM'i;. Mr Jt-hn Ksimr— At 
Kemiebtink Mp. Calch Gcntllrm. aaed 6.i— At IIbv«. 
mi. \m i, Mr WILLIAM CUI.UNKS »t; FlJ >9. 
sou nl* Mr John Col line*, of jittftm ,■ b« «f-. an to- 
leipriai'i-; voting wtnn — ■< Ihe timi of liiadtirtli lu-be- 
loi.ecd-io j ul '■*■■ i.l.*i. "i.J ti.i», t Lur'nKai, 

J. r,. i,\ tt.ciiLii-Hi- ol flihb hi- ««S liiuil, tHein ' d - 

Al Krencb Mills, on •£ ul Nov Mr. Ssnme 
cock, |nt« of WaiBilt "■■, (Mass] 

In ibis io«„, Mis Delii, widhsf of the Ijte Mi. 
Jump, Adams, of l.fncoln, aged m— .ImcuJ- llenrv, 
um to aapl J.-nepU W. Leads, ageil 5 i^ 

On SMurday-evaiiing Mm Margaret Welr>.-in thrj 
riibyearof her afc ! her hii-ei*! mil proceed from 

' s ' , ' '-'■ ,; "-i cei. f.ii aacrnooii. ntSiWk, 

»i »l,nh i hop the friends uf tue deaeaied arc request* 
»d In attend. 

Uy G. Burroughs, Jr, 

To bills Mtpt rfina ije. 60 

,' i |",i i, ,1 i 

ii .!•■«, ih. in 
...i ,,f .. .., ,. , 

P H It lull., I.. | 

In fin,. ,(,..„ 

if ■ ill. r ■ .i ..i, 
t" -a ■■.. .i - || 
a-.-nb. ,if il,e f.„ 

■ I. ..,;!. : ,i, . 
I ' 


lo .,-,, dUl-HliOli df 

d, il.-ii. t ul.) In exprcttd 

*' U lUUI 'I . I|ll| ...■!. I Hllll r,. 

iii ii wir free gp r . 

"' '"» i». ti. u k i, ,:.,. ,„ 

"' "| -I- fir-are. , |.,„ : 
arid Ibat it rmionnfilew 
' eedim, ,.,„l , ,,,, ,, ,,, 
11 - I c*« ii oeCasi, n Lhm 

lout the tea tausi, 
of Se».r„ri, 

n«tl trfrkt, | v 

the Mates 
"'". Ihe lot 

fire S— Finn 

•h v». 10 50 

lull ,io New-York, I4s7,il5 

//eri «,N.| 11( |., scratched, oil days, li 5U a 14 62 

10 do dodo ta»h, - - - - - - li- 

. , - . . IOsii|,eifi,.e Pbihililpt.ln SO tlliys, 16 

neuters tor donor, to escape from the im- I indlgn; 7 Mmona Spanish, yd and 3d 

■■'■■lines, - - - - - - t 'is ,1 2 65 

Hiifli Water, il, 


4 o'clock, 30 min a. h- 

'1 Long I, land, und Ihe Slate 

ill tin 

purls, tinrbon 

..I, Ilii 
th t dutu 

"ili'O'.. I, 

1 q - fro, i kit 

ii i..;inrirs. ;. ilhutrs] 

Ol ll.r U„,tcd bui, 

" il - |io*eifnl i.nii-,, 

'»' I'"" >l llliulll 

uilransall b. n „.„ tl .„„ 
"h.iimout nf ib. I tin ,, 

(It I 'Hill ||,i (f ,|,, ,,. , i .,,. 

"it I being uu ibe »ea cunnj of 

if Hut and (S rj( ,lerl, V , l',ilnti/!va- 

"■' >•.' wo" ihe Qttavnrt, Mar*. 

"*"' *■•(■•'•'•> M'rFfl -t-.l Uvuth Ca,oU;*< Ucor- 
tja, n„d u .| ,|, P miinnres fium ti.e se„ ibe 

,' Z, ■"■"">''='■ c 'I'it'l, and tigo. 

"'Miy DIorkBded i \ ■•>! | do, ihe.ef.rr. b\ t.nue 
ui ihr j),,*,., , ll1fi rtuihoalsv i.i 
' , "' t "-r "bale ..fH.m,aid barb, 
[ r f k '••-- I. afi*, 

id. tie- 

1 t , ■( i li'-'it Sfiiiehnng, Ti'ideut'a ettr- 
en. UO lb tare, 0(1, U\ s. - - - I SS 

s .lo rMund'ai'itt's an lb !jn d n s, , 155 
!2I (ji- clie'ts H"ln-ii, America'! car- 

co 20 Ih WJ" 1 1> ) 

S hnif do do America's do 36 lb tare, 

9tidni». 1 |o| 

fty T. K. Junes & Co. 

bliiterul.flOds, Sfi'n 


' " * Pa ' '■ "I Ihe -nut Ttrnil si»<e 

I" a siaie r>F ilifrl „ ni i ri ,„, ou , mi „ k<llk ■ 

' ■'■' 't..dmgfo.-tbea..w B 

. , ' ' " '" Jl f»«i;»lulaiioas l 1 ilail] 

..„ ' ".'.t n" '•" m""^ "'"•' " ■il'-'l 'I« n, 

t.'.,.. Ml, II „, . , 1L i.l.l, ri-,,.11. .1 

10 'I 

•< At L I, ..I, ... j , ,1. 

"■i"" ■'" '"I* lie sni.kt 


l..<l!,in S ton, I>r.e H ,5 r , ~_ H;i;_ 

AOV7 0A .- 

- *L n H i)A r - »bc 13. t*is. 

/ ulesi {torn V.netand. 

.''" BuMwn.«Uii n , ,..!!,, .inch?,,,- an , v . 
■■ o.i ba raaion.lcn-lWlm.iinh, in Kr, ( l .,.., .. 
'■'- sllu ?2<inc.t,b.r, but did uu fanrmv 

I .-r^.ii,,.,,,, ,,,. |l 1 e,.pa iwl ,jheic a ^ 

..'-II, . 1 li.r.mj k had itc.d.-l lr..o, ,, „ 1C ( 

— I'lii.i Jlmrrkui liid Dr'ni. I, f, „„,., 

»ere inm-M mi,; negrjdati In-in Ci.|i nl.ogm _ 
j hat wt :,r mia nee took place on id- iSui t). 1 
r«r . n, da)-.— Amiiiifj \ M swedes «..,r be, 
'■' HajBlmi ■■, lie. Prime of then rapmi we 

* ■■ ,. tlicorrtct. Tin htat and ll.r I U1[ n u \ 
Hilprvt, .b.c. . 

Lnt,s,i Com Portugal, 

K piiaariiRer in 'he Mn tu arrived al 1»ly 

rrmiirl.. or, V ... .■!.., | a «i, in 38 daya from Lis- 

b " " ,l '■ ' '■' '■ I'd Wrlilusj adgoipor. 

a. .1 '...I B-s hi,,, „„.|'l,.i ilienlTielilaceoriasi 

Of till* ,rr.|, .1 ..,, .tent, bid r.arlird l.i.l,,.,, _ 
Wi " r ' '■' ll "l ibe K'Heoiin li;.* i,.,! I.r,,„j.|„ 

• ■■ ,v " letlera I Itenticaic the ren„n 

< m I''* «tlhi. el. 

Sir n_ jf,Vl ' '•«•"''"'. 2</ the- ISi 

N •'-' '■■ I Ni rid 1 

land Sound m A.,, ,„ 1 , k .,„„„, |>|pik 
.luVli weioi ,„, 

«.',,«,,(,„„, ,!„.,;,,,,,„ , Wbi(j| 

on ■ b diem S--i iii,,! 

K«»B«T "UOLEY OLl\EK,Can t 

and Svni-" "ir. — . . .' 

Sn-Juliti Hor- 
II., Maj.-.ty's 
fls» L«, 
-'Ie and to cn- 
>f ibis inea. 



"• - l liOMAS -- 1 .,, 

Spauiali Con ml ,„ 

■g-ldnm] S,,un,|. 

Kew-Yo T k.J 

eail unly say. Ibm |,,, M | 

V ItingUti VOiir |,.rt « lrr niHa, <t*« ,„ p . 

p » i Id f,e Hi.r-hma; bcl«rr> J) a , y IAK . K . h U | jL 


*x r.u .., uUtterfrom I «o MAS 'j tr ;;; iJ0S 
ajctii/tnw.1 1,1 fe^tgtvattia —dated 

„ .. mostice 1.1,0, ocr. ."}. IU13 


A.U '««„•» / tiilad. pop, 

lowing: Mirurdltw-y-arikic i, copiert 
ry irsiscciablc Klliladelpftia ri p„. P 

1 nmt ' 11 , r. b*e», - - - 
Ten, IS chisra Sntirhnn;;, Cea. 

loi.', carpi J, .11 Mi It,, ... 

17 h..H'.,u<J iircheili Kamfoy, Syd- 



Ill hlllf the 

1 Hue, 

ll„l,,:a. A, 

,irpn, 60 

1 [abed 
ic virtuous Alexandei 

Admiral U 
mingn, r 1 ih. 

UMIil II. tj (I 

d I. .ju, Novj-S.niu, ,. ni 


On the lCli t.ii 
Zanesvillc, uhiii, a 
dollara ukko from 
li.iveilleied . itua 

-7'' 1 ' '' Hll,l * x '" 'be S^. Do- 

31 lv,t «.«ur Bermuda, Hie 

""law. The iWlier*. Ti |, M 

H«l h-r tot.. 

hi li.- t , 
' bftdki-H 

llie t*„ll 

d ol Hftei 

f Mi 


-t-i'lliim, t\ 
d 10.30S 

a Jl.CtHtly ..I l!,, JKlpctiitg 

l lie din etora 
hundred dollars 

putatton of having submitted to the gros 
sest indignity from this man, by alleging 
that an insult, though officially given was 
not «' .ffi iully received," while the rcpre- 
sentattve of another nation has been dis 
misiedfor constructive disrespect. The pu author of ihe " Old Farmer" has no- 
ted ibii arrant partiality and has minister- ' ^olm&n^ " 
ed to it the reproof it merited— he is there. ' L..n„.,; 31 l,;-,, L-,,h„„i. K <^\', '. '. 
lore hated. When the suppression of im- I % rYhitietii.& Bond, 

ponani documents has been detected, or '. D«7-Con«,lhh.l.peeo, good, cash 
*tien, under pressing exigencies, documents ! g^»i.«»i | ib»ftleii , s 
have, apparently, been fabiicated 10 sup. 
port false declarations ; when by with- 
holding from ihe Representatives of the 
people information louching our foreign 
relations, they have been impelled to act 
tiom partial and deceptive views, and thus 
made ihe dupes of 1- iccutive artifices, the 
' Old Farmer" has been to his fellow citi. 
zens a faithful monitor, and 10 the abusers 

of their confidence a righteous scourge 

It is not therefore, wonderful that such 
■bilny and fideliiy are dreaded by '■ moral 
traitors "— I hefulfiln.cnt of his predictions 
relatita to the consequences of lhat abor- 
tive system of Non imponation, Non inter* 
coune.l-mbargo and Guo-boats, summarily 
denormdated •• uur restrictive tneigits," 
which have so long beggared, and dhgra- 
ced the nation, command for his " Rood to 
liuin," something like oracular leipcct— 
hence the anxiety which is manifcsled and 
the malignity which ii expressed. The ef- 
Jcct produced proves that his tabor has not 
been in vain, and should stimulate to perse- 

At a time like ihe present, when the 
lundamemal principles rf Republicanism 
■re jeopardized l,y ihe clamorous profes. 
siont, but lyiani ptactice ol ba%e pretenders, 
when men arc handed as " lories" lor the 
ticpression of opinion, and proscribed he 
cause they avail themselves of the » liber- 
I)' of speech and of the press," to effect a 


7 87 

Si.1l- eiVJ l.ii.b.l. finelhWo, 
10(1 libda Turk* Id.iml, - 
IDOdo I.i h'.o 

Id mil) . I pipe \h model '7 

ll "> ,; S 42 

Ih, g— Coft'ev. US bact St Domingo, 

I e, entitled fodehei.loie, 90 da. a»l 

Slic-iint^ IS |.i. its itiD-in, cash, - S3 Su 
5hre|i, Id hall blowl Uwes, ... ,- u- 

in S-l dn do - 1., - , 

1 r, in— Ncv-YorkKm, in pipeai - l $q 

ll,c 1 1 — Siijpij ■, (..,,"„ I|„m , yjo 

biaei, sup-rioi i|ualiij, - . . a-J 
-7y Titytur 9i Gantuge. 
fins Philn 



I Ua I M\ 
I «a 1 -il 

Iter 7 


our, -'tj hhl, su[ 



1, Ctl ilj,ti, - 

( 'oflce 

HI !»,((, ti' -o. - 

is leather. 



Shi eti 


i" ,.i . it llmtii 



>b ct 1 Itmrna, 

24 dn A 



do ... 

i pieces 

be'uv) llavuni, 


Ifi Ml 


lly Jottph Ripley. 
Dec 6— Duck, 3j i»,in u«m,, m u U ,d 

by, ib-Ii. ' 

; Laid l i kees, BOdma, - - . . 
I Jiee 7— Unlei Biattd) , SbJida «t» Ina 

j prabf, 60 ii,i ,, 

, Do a— lira Bi.rrii, F piin ■, By.Lv* ' 
! Ore 10— -Gofica tj ht.,l>," 

ir bagado .,!,:.■. mi, , lk f-, 1 . . 
:.'"i l,i t , |", |,p, f f . 

/ui 11- f .. 1 , ,.. ., nn ■ 

v. ... V,,'l',.,„, 

WUJsS . .an ,[.,,, 

.1 5il 
■fli 1 { 


I li 

I J. 




- • * - To-morrow, 5 o'clock, 18 min a k. 

- - - - Wednesday, 1 6 o'clock, 4 mm a m. 

IUJSS F.Lf,, CUTLRlityfrys 
SfUl'pVN^rYvTM. i'nrrvf-p. 


(J3 - For miick import/mi shipping and 
commercial Intelligence, sre first pn"p. 

SAIUHDAV, Irml I.f., a , Bmh 

eni-RO eapperai, ,1 nai ,,,,iy ,,.,/ , llhllf ,,.,) y^ .* 

1.11*1. lliii.-iim sMsenuei, noi/», he. !j*ffiey. Roule-, 
innimmiih ntttn, cocoa, Jloxeetd, .W : Clarit--! 
M,,„i,,d, tin hcm. eaalt Jitf. he. ; fnllv, Board* 

" ■ Bfth. mitei, horitn-urr, t„tt Uc ■ Told ^ 

l l.relie, I askell, IMmi-HKci, cars- e a*«n«, fl 7iit-i. 
ciitet 1, ud nit>ur. "' * 

Same tlay-or. srh Fnu'i-pii^, Drinkwalri\ SO 

hour, finio Poill,,,,,!, lumber, fcc Sfix, „r, cniil-is'prit, "«Hr^a5 

L. Aim, who took H Thmvdsv evehsne. 

Snme d«jt~ar a ituinl,,,. ,„ .loop, „„ (1 5l: ho„nera 
h. ui ihe Kaatnai'iL, wuh uontinnd liunber 

C/eia>m/,ilii,i | (t .An,iL-..s I'ftditla, Teneoffe j liriasj 
^|,,,., hi.^n. jViariUj-Wpd, (latharha. AI,n,no, 

sL«D\Y- Pee. Vi, (>...„! \ \\ , blotriog 

oiU oi'laict,!,,,,, ,| 1C1 ,. Mmc.Vfj.itej several ^: 

r . . ;, | -' XKIh l MlSCFLtANY 

BtiafrMS h T',' ch ' " f """ ""' Borton - froni 
li'islon., r,,h nod lumier, "SS taken on I hmsd-tv 

u.,l ;<( , ,.,„.. Jnhw Hoik.,,. r „„„ .,..'„, iaJ5 

*-,n,tfio, ,| , ,, In.l.rlfBlwIhwaas.fjrfisfi 

■ r 'i-w.,1,,,, iM-,.7„. (.,.„,, ,.- rt ,, tllB , n . 

r( , 8— lliay wsrc fin oflei-ed iheir 

"'!"'•' ' ""I" 1 "A l "'."-' tl.e|.nvMier»i,d vote. 

inniimi ,';;r",""i ""! "V""--"-----'-'.*- are,,di„,ly 
' •" I" '"' ''*■' -' I nn b< a..f1 ibe |niai,i«r, 

"" t i- '.■..„,-,,, 1 |t 1t .|,,. p| , 1., , ,„ !.„_ -| ||B , |()| . 

, ,, hl " "" 'UimiMil il.m t| H y 

F '"Jdcah.ti ., 1, me, ,.,,.! caipnl'e'l 

t !' , V \ -■ , "" '"■■■'■■-!■! -tb.,.. •i„,,l, i .dH,r 

fiL*ek loud "nit cniiKi I,, r 

'"mniiig, 1!,. y S i T i, 


t.'ni>i Ki sthtvs hihi i„. i-n ,1.,. v. *■,; 

LM |JI " i'iiv'i in' * ti r £ n ■ 1 1 jr 

-■, S'Ci ;■:::■•:. \':w:r:.;; "s? 

■ .■■...".•.■ ::■,• •:!■,-■■'.. v::., !':::: 

■-■■> : ::!.::. ::i ::r-;:,:^"';- "■•■"' a -i 
z::.;.:*-.,: k >: '-..S'rft.'r'e 3S 


b«le(plna, ,,,1, , , h \ \ 

■ b '.. ■ ,,. ^ 

'" < -j' \.o, 1 .,.„,;' . 
ri.r.ze, (•,,.„ 1 , , , ,„ j . 

'• i ""ii."o-_. :,„,„. ,. ,.,.^;,_ V. '■;'"' 

unknown, dipt Yates «,| nrw , .,„.,- imm ,,< hers re , 
■nnined on lourd the VV| fe reoe. Capl P. and hit 
ortw "ere nut allowed It Like a tingle -> in I. of cloili- 
i»g *ith them, except mat they hail on. The W»t. 
vcrene it the vesicl »nch bonnled the Mercitriiii 
from Liihon, i* the B;r, on Monday Imt I apt J.*' 
also Informs, that (he icrcurfus eumc nut of I'ly mo.iih 
mi Saturday morning for BnMun, and nu doubt i, the 
sllip i» Sight last ett'iiig. 

The brig SnarLinJcnVcj, of New-York, arrived at ' 
Newport On Thnrtua), [i-om Liibon, not to Intc in he- 
fore reported. Be(*fcii GuOisjeaVnil Nmitiitkf.iShoala. 
was boarded hj il" British privateer Wolverene from ' 
Halifax, detained -Mays, *i») robbed uf pinny miielss 
—the CajU, end lassenRer* recicved very ill nwe 

Merouniii, Broi ( |„ n , 38 da) < from Lisbon, arrived H[ 
l'h mouth on l Ibrwlaj ltd £,-/*, .hip Milo, Kthe. 
ready far tea. Un Monday last, about 3s m) lei sE I 
from Cape Am, w>,n Drul »t an J broaghl to by a 

WbCK pNfalMI IcIlUOllCP, Oarrjini; n Ibre-toasail, of i 

■bout i<ioiw, s bilJeuhend, nod under French colon 
«i.iri, «,,(; .lu-.Kjril. ttrmik, awl Ameriann colors 
mnueii — was detained stain an hour, mul Higi. per. ■ 
milted" to priced ; in ODntcntienee of this detention 

,iuii,.i i: i, r „.„, (i ,,„i Wlli oWj , ,„ ,,„(-,„„- r • 

I'lJ-ranutli The Mercuriuswasbonnu lo Bo*lon, and I 
hai :. t«jj„ nreopinnav tin, Ice 

ScW,,.,, Fmlnaki Du„k. IS dnj . from Clnn,.. 
ypy) ii-ii arrived hi Newport 

Pully.k-fl.vl.i:, Brriied nn Com V- 
,011 llUer, »» nVeil m tin Thursday night, ntf Chub 
Ann i,T a prmteer Kit, tacked about, run in towards 
■ wiily It i_v, :,,„| anelmred, and eicaped capture. Cant. 
Haskell taw theprlMicer capture itnlisnd tuo sloops, 
Ml a» he ia* a great number nl ci|littrl putt in Hie 
jjilit, supposes ii. hi i j ot i he n i ueu captured 

Aeia-Yerk; Dec 9— .*■. the ship Elisabeth, Mor- 
riion, from wew-Hmn i tloopt *on-Sctaria, Budding, 
ton ; IctTui'ion, Smith. Juno, Steel j tingle, Wright ■ 
Augusta., :ill nom New-Hn Ten— Betsy, Leonunl, Fioin 
Newport; and, Uogeri, from Ncw-Bedfnnl, 
With mtn, illgnr, pcp|iert See. Comtnodnre Deca- 
tur's inun.lrnii hml dio|i|ied bnween the town 
Uid fort. At [Son 1'Uecdny night, uhea off llun- 
tTiifitoo, eapL Bngei't heuid tevcml heavy guiu to the 

Schooner Dolphin, Cook, 8 days from Hyannis, 
with oil. 

CM. ich Sukey, Smith, New-Uedford j sloops 
Ann-Maria, Huddmgtou, Providence ; Fox, Sleight, 
Neiv-Bronowiek : Ocean, i'uUer, du ; Sopbrouii, 
Fi«lier, I'ruvidonee. 

Charleston, A ov 3u~j1>: ach Eliia, M'Tlhenny, 
Wiliuiugtoii, N. U. A Bpanilh ahip Irnm Havana, 
lini arrived at Wilmington, with o cai-gn of lUgar and 
coffee. Saw a inerduiil tlilp off GeoiKeluwn, on Sat- 
urday morning, and a clump brig off tliit port on Sat- 
nviUy evoi line, apparently bound to iliit port. 

.1ho, w\, byiinry. Garrett. Elizabeth City, (N C) 
S d;ij s Capt Garrett Was chased on Sunday l»>t lor 
three huurs. by a brig and schooner, lo the nor til ward 
of the Lar — etvaped by running into thoal \T8ttr. 

tj'SexirTat ailvtrttttmenti uiiavoid'Mt/ omiin,!. 


IN consequence or the itenih of Mr. William 
Stackpole, Sen. Parmer of tile late urm of 

the concerns of the Copartnership will be ad- 
justed by the surviving; partner, at Store No. 26, 
State-str°el, where all persons having- demanda, 
or are indebted, to said firm, mil plejse to cill 
lor settlement. 

For - .tie: at said Slore, by wholesale or f*Mail,' 
a large assortment of Old \YINr', and oth*r 
Liquors a* usual, dei- l:i 

Anatomy and Surgery, 

DR. IN GALLS trill com mince his Second 
Course of LEC'f URRS in the above Branch- 


Caleb Hartshorn, 

HA"o 8. Cotirt-ttJtel, 
ASforsJe, the Mowing; Goods v\*. 
Mm*' tqptrfije heaver H..i>, ot the B mton 
Hat Manufactory, 

tioyt' ilrab, 

Do drab, green under 
Do Devoiibhire brown d< 

Do blurk, d» oo 

Youth* do do do 

Boys drab and brown Ca- 
mel* Hair do do 
Do red anr". black Morocco do 
9 catea Men t gland do 
Mens' patent Silk do 
Do Riusian do 
LadicV Beaver Bnnnetb, ef vaiinut colors aod 

shapes, and Plumes to match, 
Black Plumes, hy the do/ea or aiiiRle, 
Folding- Hats, suitable for the Navy and Army, 
Gt-ntlemens' Beaver and Dogskin Glove*. 
Silk Umbrella*. 
10 UO piec es black Gulloonc. 6w dee 13 


do do do 

do Rnt-lUb, 
do do 


This Evening, pecrmbtr 13, 

Will bb vrr 1 f <i[-i, 
■ the Rpa.1 niul t < mil. - 1 l.i , ■ , ,.,,[, a much ad- 
mi.., 1 Trajteit, in 5 new, r.ll,-,l— I he 


Written by A. ,\Ior[>hy,F.i'q. 

Mr Young 

i-r£7\ Sho.ntrfor Sn't. 

W21«V* Pnt Sale or Chitfter, ihe fn I 

tV^'*'" l "'K Ifh-'UBM ltl-.IN«-SUN, 
A5*La tin* Isms ai F i-.sei.den** » ; — 


74 ions i 
■driifrt, of 

\ Dionyaitia, 

! Kvandi-r, . 

■ I Clon, 

PhilrUa*, - 
| MrUi. thorn, - 

Aif .i, 
! Calipptw, 
Officer, . 

E-fJ .if iheTiai 

- Mr Tyle? 
Mr J ihriion 

- Mr. Spilltr 
Mr llufrhei 

■ Mr Clarke 
Mr, Garner 

• Mr. 1 s 

Mrs. Powell 
Ml*, Wbcatltrr 

md time, a S'.ng, 

itl» one year eld - - am tin ill nl 
the hem rim ked Timber, and l| 
, ineieiy fe.pen nit eacjsllcjil i.«.d— the ran he 
; fiiir J r.,r ien ot a «erv mmll e I pence, 1 "r iciuit, 
I a,.plv to JOslAU HRADI.i.L, Ro, SO, India- 
I Uri-ei. der l.t 

. I ' «r-^ lar Svlfi 

Thr Srli, H ,ntir TIIHFK RHO- 

TliKlts. a laht iailmt?PMel,«b(«n 

52 inns bur I hen. in good repair, 

ifirec months old. liirjiiiic at tin- Gk- 

miinp lio-ini. dec 1 t 

St a I, 

-A Oil Hods, Window Ik a Vale, far rettum rf, f, ¥ Mr. Garner. 
Holloic IVare^ &c. 

In the course of the 'Afterpiece, a favorite Son 


-9* r/i« Grttn XtercCumbridge-Ptrt 
LIAS for sale. 


The Beautiful Maid, by Mr. Mt Far land. 

1 be added, f^r the 21 time this 
popular Mqaioal Afterpiece, in 

A complete assortment of Bar Iron 
(flat, square and round) — PaKgni lion — Sheet 
Iron (thick and thin)— Nail Itods— Plough Share 
Axletiee, and Bar Moulds— Natl Plana— Hub 
Hoop Plates — Iron Hnops for 1 1 .;:•[,,-. .d» nil 
Barrels— Horse Shoe Shapes— Spike, Deck Hail 
and Horse Nail Rods — Iron and Steel drawn for 
Sleigh Shoes — German Steel Scythes — 5teel 
plate English Shovels — Anvils— genuine English 
(df>uble Bullet and Hoop L) bli tiered Steel lor 
Axe 3 — Halbach, Hasaenclevers k Sous and Ber- 
tram German Steel for Scythes — Swedish and 
Russian Steel (in bars, boxes, bundles and tubs) 
— lumbar and Lscnard'* Eagle Steel, for Springs, 
Swords, Scythes, &c —Crowley, American blis> 
( and Cast Steel. 

Al<o— 6bv8,7by 9 and 8 by 10 Window 
G'aat— Gun Powder — Cart, Chaise and Waggon 
Wheel (all sizes)— Nails— Brads— Verdi 

grisr— White Lead— Yellow Paint— Pbister Pa- f Cumberland, on «ht third I 

rU— Chalk, kc. vember. Anno Domini 1813 — 

L.KevftsE-An assortment of Hollow Ware -p HE Pet | ( i on of Robcft Motley, Rkh 

— Oven— Mill Saws, Sto etc. which he of- | 1 „,.j »i„,i„„ Tl »«_.i... o.i *j i »»_.( 

lers for ready i j . as usual, at the lowest pi ices 

To which 

3 acta, called, 

Love Laughs at Locksmiths. 

("For Chiracleri, tee bill* J 

CCTThe favorite Comedy, called, " Time'ta Tr't- 
Ttile'—TUe Comic Opera, of ■• Love in a Vil- 
lage," and the Puree, called, the •■ Honct 
Thieve*'' will shortly be revived— Di mood's 
new Drama, of ihe "/'toiniii Hoy." und Cole- 
man's popular PUy , called, the *• Jf ileum " ( 
wiih other novelty, is in preparation. 

To the Honourable the Justicrs of 

tha Circuit Court of Cmmon Plens, begun and I 

holden at Portland, within urd for the County i 

;sday of No- ' 


A RILL on Liverpool for 10&C itcrling, at SO 
daya »i R hi, for *ak by HATHAWAY h 
D AVIS. N ». 46. India w, t> - ■ t dtc 13 

Sugar, C'ofFtre, c<c 

BKNJWllN GftRDKBR.libl f..r sale at No. 
46, Long-wharf, 

42 hi,. I.. j5 IjIUj prune HIlllCOTatlo Sui ai», 
58 libit, green Colfee, 
10 balea real Cinnamon, 
150*0 lbs. seal Ualhet 

200 WilmioKtm Tat, 
_>e* half bbU PliiUdi Iphin Flour . dec 13 

Ju^f received*, and for Sale by 

ROPES £i PlCKillAK, 
N.41. lNDia-Wi,*rr, 
300 bbls N. York and I'hilulelphia frcih 
supeifine FLOUlt, 
3 pipe* GIN, supcnni tpiality, 
2 baU-s Caveiu.c C'OTTOK. dec 13 




50 hhds. MOLASSES. 

D"^ 13 


Fifteen Journeymen ^oolniuk 

A HE wanted by the Subscribt,_,| ie y 
wage* are offered tl.em ill ,• , 
men, nndflt* ^..i of pay made tlit- 

'I'he Hnbsci-ihcr Ii ■> tin hand, a* u. |a | 
Bllrtfl, t'limp^. Sir. of Ihv first ijinliiy J^j 
t es id matitlTatllM thelli ■' tluiri mi ,, 

Alto, on hand, and cmtlinuiPj !n k.m ,, 
Shoes of the first Faahiiitj anil ■■. ■ ■ »i ■ ■ 
his slanj Nu i and 10, !'.:■. ;hatl ! (t'l luinn |i 
inn. HAM! l. « t . 

dec 13 



Star/: i/i i'ftide. 

Tcmorrow. at lOn'clnck, 
JVe ;, ,v.( f.fM-ee/— /•»>/. '/■.t.l/fjt. ///, ,\- it. 

Will be Sold [he v. itulr Stuck 

in 1 ratle, of (aid. Star e—i oiisji'iiig nl 

Devonshire Ktrw ^-. Berlin t. ... ~, '„■ attug . \,i- 
rew, "I'hut;,. in, . ^:„ .., , ,-, hiiiiiiim-,, Ltiwna, 
Miiitint, Vealinga. Hoajf ry, Bnttnna, Ki'mont, 
Uiapera, Chrclfs, sh< ttiiip.*, j^c. **c 

S UMi'V hid. 

bal<* nl Auction, hi 

J" \ / s A( a. 

ICHAEL bllrJI'AUl). at Union-Wharf, Sa- 


r Old Ii 


THK PORT FOLIO \u\ December, is re:.dy 
for deliv-ry to Subscribers, by OUVKIt C. 

GltKKNLEAF. A"o. 3. C 

rett. D-e 13 


Ao. 39. I*diu -•" eet. 

8-tli ijU 




Uatjor tale, 

rs, in Boston, on the 2?d inst. 

dec i: 

'i he Uostrum. 

fi" ;■ fl a\ in,; procetded a9 far as New- 

oriultti e ptogrr.1 uf lili .-»«ir-r.W> inr-™f 

ro Jlaies, Mr. OGlLVIt could not resist ihe 
lempiniion of extending hia journey lo OuiUii.— 
Hearriueil lierc nu Tliurtdny evening j will re- 
ma-n five or tli du>«, onrl re.ueclfully-ann.mncet 
his intention to deliver, in the Hall of ihe lia- 
th.«n B e Cuffee-Honw, Tomobbow 
1 o ci'-cL, an ORATION, entitled 




Eeine the firtt iinf' " 1 lhe *"i™< wblcn lie ha * 

cnmpoicd during hit .evlu.h.n in ihe wolciQ 

cotiuuy. Tbii Ortftioo will be follo»ed by a 


On the Letters of Junius. 

And Ihe IUcitafion of two piitsaeei Trom 

faraMse Lost. 

• ' Tickels of adinisHoo, »ne d»llar, may be 
bat) HI 'he Ituoksmre of Mr. Olinitr C. GreenUof, 
and at the Bar «f »he r.acbangc. _^_ 

ONE thousand hhds Cadiz Salt, of superior 
quality afloat, 

500 hhds coarse Bouavisla Salt, 
300 hhds Cadiz do 

5000 lbs Speller, 
200 b.i set Sperm Candles, 
30 pipes Catalonia Wine, superior quality, 
10000 lbs hard shell'd Almonds, 
400 boxes ivhiie Candia Soap, 
100 cases Florence Oil, 
20 bait, is do. 

50UO lbs African Ueetwax, 

fi bales Aikeinoque Bark. 5t dec 13 

A. O. Cotton, and,^6. :t.u n *\-xor 

bbl.'.'lMr.i Rread-f..r sale by AKTHUB SA- 

aid Mo'lcy, Thomas Motley, Edward Motley 
Charles Shepard Motley, Samuel Motley, Ann I 
Marble, and the President, Diiectors and Com-! 
patiy of the Maine Rank : — i 

Humbly Shrvi* — That they are Interested as ' 
tenants in common, of anil in a certain Int of | 
Land, lying and being fitiiHled in Portl md, in i 
said County of Cumberland, and Commonwealth 
ol Massachusetts, and hnunded as follows, viz. ' 
be^icing at a slake standing on the northwest- [ 
erly side of Maine-street, at the southwesterly 
corner of .i lot of land", sn'-d by John Goodwin to i 
Thomas Motley, deceased; and being the home- ! 
stead ot the said late Thomas Motley ; and from 
ihenee running suuthwesterly by iaid Maine- ' 
street, eight rods and one half of a rod and half ' 
a link to a slake ; from thence north twenty-two 
degrees west, eleven rods to a stake ; from thence 
north, aim-seven degrees east, eight rods and , 
onehslf of a rod and half a link to a stake ; from j 
thence south twenty-two degrees east, by the 
homestead oi the said Thomas Molley, deceas- 


20 casks liOCOA — 10 bags CLOVFS. 
Salem, D.cember 13, 181 ; 2w 

If fide and iicdOak Hhd. Sfioofo. 
| T\7"ALES& OEALE, luveloi Nu 73, 


2000 W O hhd Shooks, with heading, 
SUOO K do. 
3oo m It.O. hhd Staves, 
10 m. W rt hhd H, adinp. 

Tar and Tut peiiiine, Liverpool Coals, 
dee 13 

Taylor & Oamage, 

HNo. 15. t rninil-.lieel, 
AVE furtnle, IIOM Inndini; nl linli..-n U.,,\, 
t OPF£li in hbl*. .Pu.i rccrlvedi 
40 imii bnl St. I'elerihiirj; rlenn lli-mp, 
8 new Knstia Cnbltfa of IS I * and 13 itirti, 
tnu caonitieri of ^itfl>*n. der 1 3 

I lowe & bpcar, 

No S and 6. D. Spear's wharf, fUte for sale, 

THREE bundled and tvtrnfylno bagt Iiulian 
100 1,1.1- Not. f m.d 3 I'm Is, 
1500 Uii Iron Wire, 
*iitJ0<tn Catd Wire, frnm No. 25 In 33, 
100 n.. ,'.,•» v.i-. - and 10 i -ii-. . tardi 

ThU Day It I 1 o'clocK, 

At'/ 1 . K.Jones A Co'i.dflice — HiTby-it. 

3000 lbs English blistered oteel, 

2000 lbs Crawley Mtlllhgiondo. 
18U0 lbs German Bteal, 
1300 lbs Heart and Club do. 

6 cask* Card Wiie, u*«ort«tl Jfuniber** 

Tuniyrrow^dt 10 o'clock, 

— .n .ib .!/- 
27 packages French GOODS, 

Cons i si 

mines— TafTetiei, 
Long und ihorl cilk lJuves, 

Long and abort kid do. 
Ribbons, iisioritd— Galloon*. 
Cambiio Usnrtkercliiefa— Wai Beadi, 
rim — I'll re.-.ds— Shawl*. 
^•tuples \V|,iL- Ijiuiu. 
Conthnoils Liberal. 

-tjoills, i c Sic 

On Thursday ucxl, it 9 o'clock, 

— .tl tlbi.Vt — 

A great variety of Piece- Goods. 

.Nl/c of t'ltri.Hnrr. 
On Weinisday nix-, j t K o'clork, 

At Franeit Ammtfi t$^M\HFarlborti r 'tU 
Sundry articles uf, useful and 

genteel KUUN1TPRB — , inn.g „i o i, , d- 

surne Bure-ns, ol modern faalmia — 1 S.da-il 
Patabroke Tatjl*- 1 Work 1 .1.1 —i Reds .h, 
with i .ic v Cornishes tor <(..— I V. ,.u s. , |_ig 

t'aoc) Chairs — 12 d» do with fl .e, liu.u.m- 1 pr. 

brass— I pi br„ta ll.mel and Tongs— • 

e, Res i^ 
day pre* 

1 Carpet — 1 

I hi above tna) tie seen 

the sib-, In callin g St -aid 

On Thurtd.ti n tl, n I'lu 
At Jeremiah Drafter'"* 0_ 



dec. II 


Uhii eo States or Amiiuca, ) 
Dittrict ofMifiac/iuttit*. ss. J 

PCttSUANT is a warrant from the Hon John 
Uavis. Judge of the District Court nl the 
United Staies-1 shall expose for sale, the sell; 
LIKION, 130 tons burtlien, with her tackle, ap- 
parel and lui-nil.ire, piize lo the private armed 
•J.ooner, caUed the Sta.k. John Evans, Master | 
said schooner being M Dodge's- wliai T, Salem.— 
Sail l« be To-Mo««ow. (TUESDAY,) Hth in«. 
at 11 o-clork, a. « -At the same ^ m «' t, «g"' 
K o of said achooner. consisting of 80,000 LUM- 
BEK, anr; 60,000 SHINGLES. 

JOHII HATHOUNE, J*. Deputy Mui thai 

Salem, Dec 10.1813 


THE Proprietors ol the several lots of Land, 
,n the town of Wincbendon, are hereby no- 
lifi d that the stme are taxed in the bills com- 
muted tome the Subscriber, Collector of said 
Unriij fur the vest 1812. to coUeol ii Uie wpeo 
live sums, viz. 

Names of ihe = 
Proprietor of 

VAGE, No 43^LoiiE' wharf 

Llll KA. 

Hastings &t Blanchard, 

WAV 31, Marlboro' -*tr*et, 
ILL sell- 
200 boxes Tea China, *1 . 
6 do do do elegant, V Excttten , 
10 do Bowls and Saucers, f _ . . 
fl do Muffins, J Vrd ' r ' 
And 25 English Porcelain Tea and Coffee Sets. 
■be 13 lm 

John Tyler, 

Ofiirsfer *aU, At A'o. lu, Ctulom Ihuie-tireel, 
"I "WOhundred and eighty qms. Scale |PtSh, 
A Few do. Dun do. 

No. 1,2 and 3 Beef— Tonguee, 

120 boxes Smoked Herring, first quality, 

Boston Inspection, 
25 tons Bed Wood, and 
4 ps. white Flannels. J dec 13 

Thomas, Edward, and Charles, as Heirs to the | Also— Ai additional supply ol 

late Thomas Motley, in two ninths and one scv SL ATE S . I- w holesale or retail 

enth of onetlinlh; Ihe aaidSamuel, in one ninth - 

ami <tnc seventh of one. ninth ; the saint Ann 

Marble, in one ninth and one seventh of one 

ninth; and the said President, Directors snd 

Company of" the Maine Bank, in two ninths and 

two sevenths of one ninth of said premises * that 

they cannot possess, occupy and improve their 

■aid parts to any advantage, while the same lays 

in common and undivided. Wherefore they pray 

that notice may issue in due form of law, 


pOUB h.mec d and *, u |,t bale P. mamimco 
X Sea Islaudknd New Orleans Coiton— 8u <e- 
roon>«lU lor „l eb j „. ELWELL & 
No 11, India -a-eri. rf( f ^ 

•alt — alloat. 

"Oil sale 

is Salt, ifa|i. 
'ler 13 

Mtimoihv nunt). at n- q . « 

Merchant j l»b~40o lihds Cad 
and that their respective parts in- said premises • pled tor immr di.^ 

maybe set off, and severed from the rest as fol- j t ",""" ^ , 

laws, viz. two ninths and ona seventh of one < -*-***01l oillt. 

ninth of said premises, to the said Bobert. Rich- t^O't s « ,e b Y ^DNEK u DOWNUt, No 

ard. Thomas, Edward and Charles ; one ninth and , JL 19. Mereh 

one seventh of one ninth, lo the said Samuel; and i n '■tot e, whirl 
and one ninth and and one seventh ef one ninth . 
to the said Ann Marble; and two ninths and tan ; h 

■eventb. of one ninth to the said President, Di- ' W f 7.1 m n P Tsufl 
rector, snd Company of the Mama Bank, I. hold « «l ^J^fcrn w II he g.v 
severalty, according to law , and the statute in I >« » <™ "tbwal e ". cou yj nl Jjf^ U LO 

litis bay at lulfp;, S | rj oVIo. k, 

"."/•■<■'.■<■ U la. U„ S H/.urf, 

"I'lie *p.tnh]) (/ri^ AKM. 

*» 5; "- ' ■ i -i. sea 

S t'. tOOt, IDLE, ,/oc/. 

On Tliursifay ni-xt, at ,9 o'cUirk 

'•* l 

i»— 40W hu.hels SALT, 
dvc 13 

10 ^l JAM. 

the town 

fct.uiiiy tin 


John Dickcrsoi 
















r m 



20 1 I 

1 U 

12.J7 14 

Jacob Ui 

1 89)70 3 6 

11 no person shall appear to discharge 

Taxes, and all neres-ar) inter vcnu.g charges ... 
,„ I, -lor- \IOSn.\Y,llw twenty-fourth day wl Jan 

tS14,ut ten uf the Clock m the lore 

at the house of Captain I'hiieas 
Innhnlder in said tnwni 10 mud 
Lun.l.u shall be sufficient toduscharge 
wdl l.e sold at Public Auction 
bidder, according to 

chunl'in, the sixth d 


Wmi KJaV. 

f aaidl.oli of 


lo the highest 

law. Dated at said Win- 

, „f December, A. D. 1813- 

Alewives, Shad, he. 

ABRAHAM WOOD, No. 1, D. Spear's-whf. 
tins for sale, 
300 bbls No. 1, Alewivru, io prime order, 
100 do No. I, £>had. '" Slnre- 
200 bbls No. I, 3 and 5 Mntkeiel, 
100 half do No. 1 and 9 du. 
Wrnpping nnd Writing Paper, 
Coiton and Wool Cords— Card Wire, 
A ffw chaldrniis Llterpnnl t'onL rler l it 

Gamage &c Mason, 

/Aire for gate, At JVu. 4. Central tlreet, 

ONE hundred and fitly bales prime Upland 
10 do do New-Orleans do. 
25 do do Sea Island do. 
80 tons Campc.ichy Logwood. 
25 do Cordage, 

20 quarter chests Bohea Tea. ? America * 
5 half do do. J Cargo, 
45 chests H)ionskin Tea, 
20 do Souchong do. 
350 boxes fresh Chocolate, 
100 bags Sumatra Pepper. 2w dec 13 

Cornelius CooUdge &c Co. 

53, Long vharf, time for, 

'\ 'HE cargo ot ship Commodore Preolc, via. 
1 100O hhds CadiiSalt, 
1000 boxes Bloom, T F(tesK MMACA 
1000 do Musc-delA itAIUNs 

400 casks J 

40 chests Souchong Tea, Trident's coigo, 
6'.!U holts liussia Duck, 
4U0 pieces Rait in. do. - 
'aSu bolti heavy India do. 
JU pipea Catatonia Wine, entitled lo double 

2 bales Vicunia Wool, 

3 pip's particular Madeira (Viae, 
120 bales liussia Curled Hair, Sic. fttc. 

dec 13 

suih cases provided. 


■t/.e/i- AOorney, 
Pretident and Aftnt of taid Bunk 
A true Copy— Attest, 

Samuel Fbeeuaw, Clerk- I 

lu whom I 
Apply to 
Dec 13 

at I 

". r.e r 
Ubln; A or 


JOStAll BR WLEAy* 3<», r-.dta*ireet, 


— has ton » t.a— 

f -! 3000 pottnils Quit.silvt'f. 
Kedntrld MJcers, 

A'o 5.- Long -ithnrf, it\tvef» r ' 

Fll-'l Y buses binrvn llavna Suirais, 
350 bsgs green Ponurco Coftee, 
20 hhds do. 
io whole and 20 hall chests Aine.ic 

hea Teas, 
300 ps Russia, 
100 do. first quality ItmsUDuck 
500 lbs Nutmegs, 
45 libit. Mess Beef, 
?.ju bnxfs ('...nil. s. 



NF th 

SAMUEL NtlYES, Collector.^ 

Mould" Candles. 

liand bnxe» Mould Candles, differ- 
s, 4-. is 6i 

and 8s lo ibe lb m.ole 
in etatlithier R gnod <|i..lnv, for 
„| C lv IIUI..IIAM U blCKI.OW.No 2^. Long- 

uit CiO Dollars, 

F i„ 

dee 13 

i lutihAiLii, H. L. 

'ur k de m 
No. H.BnoAOH ittsi. 

Superior Merino SHEEP, 


TWO BAMS of ii.*. Paglar and Cuadaloupe 
breed, in fine health, 
20 EWE'S of th* I'aular, Montareo, Infantado 
breed, all with lamb by first rate imported Bams. 
The above are most of them imported Sheep, 
or their immediate descendants, and are oj Hie 
finest fiVce, and the mint satisfactor) evidence 
given by the owners of heir being genuine 

fiiecs Irom 150 to lUlldohs. for Ewe.— Hams 
75 to 3o0. Foi pariiculurs. apply lo 


P,C 13 A\ 1, Wo «r Street 

Circuit Cotnt of Common Pluas, Cumber- 
laud Country, at Portland, November Terra, 

Upon (he Petition aforesaid, Ordered— 
Thai lhe petitioners notify all interested therein, 
to appear at the Circuit Court of Common Pleas, 
next to beholden at Portland, within and for the 
County of Cumberland, on lhe first TUESDAY 
of March next, by publishing -.n attested copy 
of the petition, and order thereon, in one of the 
papers printed in Portland, and one oF the pa- 
pers printed in Boston, three weeks sueeesMvelv ; 
the last publication lo be at lessi llliriy days be- 
fore the said first Tuesday *»f March m«'. and 

also l>v leaving an attested copy of the petition ; , iu . ^ ,, „.„,, . 

and orders ihcreon a.i.1. Nabby Molley.or alher QltVEN eases Itlackjar*'^ 
Ust and usual place of abode. utfrcepoit. in said | O 4 do bl-rk China ^ * n " 
County, at k..s.iliiny dus before the d-y of the 
setting "f'l>e C»urt aforesaid, she being, as it is 
■lid, one of the hens to the said Alexander Mot- 
ley deeealedl that all persons uiieicsled may 
thin and there appear, and shew cause, d any 
they li^ve. why the prayer of said petit toners 
shall not be granted 

Tea, Cotton, Sugars, &c. 

BltlOHAM U BICELOW, have lor sale. 
95 chests fresh Souchong Tea, 
32 bales New Orleans Cotton, 
130 holts Russia Dock, 
750 boxes Mould Candles. 
1] hlida good quality Sugars. 
100 bags blown Salt, 
J cases French Looking Glass Plates, 

\ »* 1 HiU ' dec 13 
2 do Shoes. 

Will be offered fop *.l 

That valuably piece of I.avd 

«m«c on ,he Wests' „} K|1 . V V>1 ,^ ND » 
lo Ui- Aucion Office „l ««.r. « '"V' 

J rziv <-; - »■"■ < ^vSo^^ f' 

7o be ioltlat public ,*uctfon7 

On WedncUay next, at ._ „' c |o k , 

I Hat commodious vvelJ fioislied 

!"^K HOUSE in C.n.brolg,,,,,,^ ^ 
iffwitkaut the Dam, H mty 

Couilittons tn«u* known 
J RqKBH3, Auet, 

-Wednesday next, at Q oclnck, 

BNGLISH^Sf^,?; ■V i r*5 

neighboring pon-^aTiuCk m 1 radf of 
out the least reserseis^ww v , t i lrn)I1 . |(j 
N. D._Ai it o-clo7sw- . 

ordiff.rt-'" eolgrs— socne cost s ffTr v--^ J r^* ,ow B » 

Ft ah I-'- ad. 

This ; l av at H oMoia, 

.It the Uwr Kntf-y /.o»f Hharf, 
Will be *uld to ihi- DifliMi yidUei'* 

1. First-llow, 
iHlaust the purchase 

der 13 


J\>.21, .Yl.ife ttrttt 

3 doM>nipaUs Vi**>, 
IdoFiench P " ' "'• 
ld» rn.i.iesltr I'rsnsmsnir. 
l ,|,, Lac* Sh,rl B,lll "" f ' 
1 b I n 


ICalilurltClal O, 

dec 13 

Elegant White Sfi«n. 

EIRGANT white Souple Sstin-shnrt S.Ik 
Glows, black and white-Maek and culor- 
i t, i-„„ I '.'„nes— laiee Damask bilk bluwU — 
!' iSlT Velvet 
and colored l^ BIlKf, with a large asaort- 
oiei.i ol fashionable Hlbbuni, received at 
No. 1, COIINHILL SQCA1IE llff l3 

s Chinis. 

.o'ardsand Sole Leather. 

,-.,„(,.!. bj S'AHUBL P. LUOLK.E, No. 4, 

sjOdnxCollon Cardi, made from Enjih 

150 side* sole Leather, 
21)0 qr eultfl Gunpowdtfi 
lu pttDCni mis W. I Buai, 
J500 lbs tlasiis, 

1000 Ills Bengal Indigo, ver> first quality, 
luui'U lbs grcii ColTee, in bags, 

AW pi, heavy Duck, \ gt^tt fptaUVt 
90U d« Uavens do. y 
60 tons St. Petcisburg clean Hemp, 
2 do Cordage, all sixes, 
200 toxeji Wfiiduii 8nap, 

5 pipes Vidonia Wine, of eicellent flavor 
2 pair 1 J pound liarnu iades- dec 13 _ 

500 boaes I) loom, 
900 boles Miiscsdel, ] 
400 casks — -___J _. 

liussia Cable*. 

On Wednesday neil, at 12 oVtui-k, 

.ti .\v ,'i. ltlht Sireett 
Will pos'uivelv he snld to close a cumrrn. 

Two new Russia Cables ot 

134 and 13 inch. , 

3 7W«v A Ca*i"g'. Aue t r*. 

ThwilsT «l H o'-I'i'-hi 

At JVb IS, KiiltuStreet, 

2 full blooded Merino KAMS. 

Valuable Peat tCstate at Auttion, 
For i»1b iii Public Au.tion, on Wcdm-s- 
■Jay, the *9ih last, awl pimesilon given lianie- 

A Mortgage of three undivid- 
ed u-iaiier pnrisof arerUlapleieof LAND, and 

mc llo'ildings |here i»«umltd and sjeasarlm a* 

fnlluw^i - lliirn->i« feel nmlherU un Aiui-lfeei -. 


ndto be Ibid bj THK „,„„„„, 

A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, who resides 
i,ut of loin, wishes a litlialion ID B genteel 
f.mily as house kutper.— Inquite at ""• Oaxelte 
L'awniiius Boom. 

dec 1J 

JUST come (olisnd, 
NOU U MAUSH.St ihe Sign of tit 
line, Va4i% Murtbare.'.Sti-tet, 

8 tacks of Wool, containing about 250 
tl> ofcommon Wool— 400 lb. 3-4 blooded Men. 
und.— '^60 lb 7-b do— and 150 lb. full bbrndsd 
do. all ot the firal quality, S«d cheap lor cash or 
■[.proved credit. 

de" I, 

■ f r ,i t Iserty •>» Mnrkei Pl'fe | - 

f,-r\ rii-terlt en ihe centre of ihe hilek 

wall ulnrli duliles litis o-uite fr he estate ii f 

/,„...« -S(r(.c«. «'til t.nty.oic feet wealed, no 

tlielK-ti' "' ('"'•. "e hnacUT nllirrwi.r ho I- 

0,1 i Muetlier wtih llirre undivided uu.irirr pari* 

of nil ihi- priviieaea trnd apputlenamej iheieita 

liel.'UK'"S. T*e above being the esinie aiQaimnij 

I ih.- budiliiis n»w Lnur-ived m the Hoslotl Muse- 

■ ,int, ihe mmigagee h,»s been In pourotun uf 

■ thenbitve thiee q.i.iMcr pari, nf said r-tnlr t..<- 
ef|ui' v "f rrdrmpMiiu "f w hu h 
lie Hih ff Deeeniher. ISHt !■ - 

ieri>itii it Noiesi«ned by. Sstfl /"flossr. dat-il 

[> pf e -i ll. eiRhttli., 

.UrO-J.-lliic. tngeiher »lih 10 oil 
m'cre^l mi ihe Mime | luc nh.iv- 
given m t ■iU»'i'r.-.l »ee»n'v 
Airlhci [.aritiuhi". '"I" 

\ ear- 

it ltS.1,,. 

«gC l,rin< 

nf mill uiite. rur 


__.— .. . 



.c c-iptsit. '•> '' HHlnm ftig*tt< a ni 
bravery, h/' ■' natural mli|iBlIly e> 
wliii, for /iii'ciivlucl, bad been w 
saved WrWk hy presenting lo hi 
tewiurfeliiion :— 

4JV your hnwor's command, 
A culprit 1 stand— 
An example to all 1 he ship's crew j 
I »m pinion'd and stript, 
And rondcmn'd lo be whip! ; 
And, ifam flngg'd— 'lis my due. 
A cai, I umiold, 
In abhorrence you- hold : 
Your honor's aversion is mine — 
If ■ eat with ««' tail 
Makes vour stout heart to fail, 
O, save me from one dial lias nine 

of undaunted " I nn. an «1<I leTni*," »livi Cnwper, In mnj of 
at, A Bailor, < his letter, lo Hurdis, " but I liail olttt my dnnriDj; 
.l - flogging, I days, a> y»» li .1 * e now, yd t chela never Bud thm 
iptaio tlit rdl- j | could learn half »o inucli of a woman's reel 
I rhnrncter by dancing wilh her, ni by conversing 
j »irh her at home, when I ruuld ob»erve her be- 

]- i ■ . -. ut the inble, at the fireside, and in all the 

I ... : — ,i ™;i,.a— u f d„niesiic life. We are 

wed, but she it UlC 


inll good, when we arc p 
-■■iii-i woman who wanls not the fiddle (o sweeten 


ND for sale al THIS OFFICE, aod at the 


American" navy ; 

Showing the Name, number of Guns, Comman : 

dtn' Names, ind Station of each Vessel, 

Willi Ihe names of all tlie Officers in 





f on juj.t, ibis. 
With an APPENDIX, containing Correc- 
tions i . "in ihe List 
C7Thc above is in a Pamphlet form, stitched 
in blue, and contains upwards of 100 pages. 
ffi Price 50 Cenjt^ nov22 

Line of Transportation, 

Fine Brown Hollands. 

GEORGE PALMER, No. 67. Carnhtll, has 
just received — 1 case Irish Brown LINENS, 
dec 6 

rHB S 
at N< 

SUBSCRIBER being appointed Agent 
Jew-Haven, (in tlie room of .Mr. John C. 
Hmh, declined) for the purpose of forwarding 
Merchandize, and having connected his Agency 
with the Mercantile and Kurilon and Delaware 
Lints, in connection with the regular line of 
Packets to and from New-York ; and also hav- 
ing made arrangements for Vessels to ply be- 
tween New-Haven and NeW-Brunswick, which 
will save delay and expense, and convenient 
itores being provided foe the reception of goods, 
where they can generally be stored free of .cart- 
age. He pledges himself for the .faithful and 
promDt conveyance uf all goods consigned to his 
care, "cither for Hartford, Providence, Boston, 
New-York, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. 

New-Haven, Dec 1st, 1813. 


George Hurrutght, Jr. Boston, 
7*otic JSotven, Jr. Providence. 
.Miiir U Jllemtt, New-York. 
Scrucnan £s* I'errin, New -Br tins wick, (N. J.) 
James if &m(.r' Lenox, Trenton, (N. J) 
BfiffOTW AWetf, Philadelphia. 
James Levering, »..*,•. — .^ 
December 6 *P*Z_ 

Imitation and Lace shawls. 

GEORGE PALMER, has just opened fo sale, 
1 trunk elegant Imitation Shawls, 
8i black Luce Shawls, 
20 doz 6-4 and 7 4 Cambric Shawls. 
dec 6 

Long E. I. Co. Nankins. 

9,000 Pieces first Chop, 

For Sale by P. P. F. DEGRAND, No 20, India- 

Str eet. Dec. 6 

Fashionable Fur Tippets, 

BY the dozen, or single pair — at No. 7, CORN- 
HILL. . dec 6 

Epigram by linour y on Lcbrun. 

Leprv.v on ffror| iivcj, ( ween' i 
No wonder liiul LF.nnui is lean ! 
ah; wen. 
Man, Ihry lay, fjrowtf^t on folly, 
Nn wnnitrr llirli OAOtin Is jo) fy. 

tor Havana, 
Tlie Spani'h ship RODMRIGO, 
to sail in Ihe cuune of len dayl. — 
Freight ii ill be taken on neutrul 
accouol, if oil. ; '■■! ii.iiJH' Jinii ly - ii.i eirellent ac- 
commodations fur a few Panengert. Apply to 
LEM. POPE, Jr. Ship-Broker, No. 22, Staie- 
Mrce". . dec 

For AeK>-OWcfl«v, 
The swift sailing copper bot- 
tomed brig MAKS.Tbo's Holmes, 
Master ; in anil with all possible 
despatch, having half her cargo imw on board — 
Freight lor the remainder can ba taken, if appli- 
cation is made immediately to JOHN PRATT, 
No 19, India-wharf, or to ihe Master on board, 
opposite said Store — One or Two Passengers cun 
be accommodated. eplf nov 29 

Seasonable and Scarce Goods, 

[Ftr Sale at JVV 13, State-strkEt. 

JOHN KUHN, offer's for sale, for Cash, 
J by the piece or single yard, between 20 anil 
30 pieces law priced Blue ttROJl f>C LOTUS 
and KERSEYS— some of which are very stout, 
being milled, and of a good width, 
dec 6 3sp 

Clark 6c Carter, 

A'o. 26, Cornliilt, Have for tale, 

TWO bales fine and superfine Broadcloths— 1 
do do do Cassimeres — 1 case 4 4 white Col- 
ton Cambricks— 1000 ps. short Nankins, togeth- 
er with a general assortment ol EUROPEAN 
GOODS. cp3w- _ | dec 6 

Thomas Pollock, 

Jsfe 5, Carnhilt, 

HAS for sale, a large sssjiriment of low 
priced Broadcloths, consisting of dark, 
blue, black, bottle green and dark-mixed — which 
will be sold by the piece or yard, cheap for cash. 
Also, an assortment of very handsome Ameri- 
can Oil Cloths, 9 8 wide — 3 cases assorted Pins, 
dec 6 

Clark Dean, 

A'o 9, ilman-tUeit, 
AS constantly for sale a general assortment 
dec 6 6vt 


Lisbon Salt afloat. 

A FEW hundred hhd«. very superior quality 

sale by SAMUEL CABOl 
dec 6 

No. 59, India-St 

Ann Allen 

S.S REMOVF,Dfrnir.8Si' 

jtfli r^rtrlY opposite 'be old C 
*h- hro for' tale, a "enernl n^orimen 
Y»r», of all color 

89 Court-street, 

rt-House, « here 

i of KNG- 

AlsA, F.lasiir 

and F.luslic Knitting, of 

l,e reiurnsib-iiHts for Ihefoy,,,. ■*- 
J^" ve! 1 fr-m b^r U\** } ■"* 'be pnhHc, and hopes 
,m «o -■ ■— "■ "frniMM. * w 


Vy Pliliam> and sixteen bbls and 40 halfdo 

new Rye— lO.OBUwt Ship ^.-— .,.„.__ 1CJ do 
ISAAC WINSLOW, Long-wha'f 

For Savannah, 
The rait sailing sch. GIFT, Hen- 
ry Russell, master. Por Freight, 
apply at No. 60, State. street, or 
lo the Master on board, at CudmanV wharf. 

dec 9 .. 

F*>r iS'em-iork, 

The fBSt-iarlipg pocket buHi 

ilnnn CATtOLlM--., Jona. Ho«-- 

Inud, master, will fail in u few 

days. For Freight or Pusiage, npply lo ISAAC 

& STEPHEN JENNEY, No. 50, SliQe-llreeL 

dec 6 

Fur has/port.- 
with experienced Pilot*, will take 
ri t iy lit lor Easiport, if nlTered im- 
mediately. Apply at No g, N. Spear's-wharf, 
Where it far tnte, 
100 (pits, best Ncw-Foundtand Dun Fish, 
200 do Shop Fish, 
200 do Pollock Fish, 

Scale Pish, for shipping*. 
Mackerel, Salmon aod Tongues and 
Sounds, in keg^ 
300 new Molasses Shooka, with heads, 
300 W O bhds Shooks, with Heads, 
Ash bbl Staves, v/nh heading, 
Onebundred bbls No. 1 EngHsh Herring, 
dec 6 


Colotfel linml, iho hnld thS m one HflUt judn-s 
on ihe «ial of King QHhrrret 'he Fir»i, (IrtBB (In* 
nr twn before Cromwell ( who, it »» ftionelj 
reported, wai likewi-e rload, ■' No, no," (faiJ 
n getiileman u bo bud boiler inlormminu ; "he 
hat nnly given Bond lo the Dew! (or bis future 


F°, R . 



■ 8 


H.X. li 

iy 11 








•21 15 






Si 14 






■2t 15 






S3 10 





'.'4 IB 





it, IS 


r-Streti, Boston, 
Superior Ciown Glass, reaily packed for ex- 
portminn either by Land or Water— of the fol- 
lowing dimensions, viz. • — 

S0O0U feet 6 
30050 r 

J 500(1 10 
200 12 
215 13 
300 14 

All irregular sizes and fan lights cut at short 
notice— whole and half sheets. 
— .11, SO— 
Chelmsford Glaasof the following dimension*. 
1000U feet 6 hy 8— 20000 ieet 7 by 9— S0O0U 
feet 10 by 8, -villi other M«a a? higli us 18 by 
24, wiili a variety of Flint Glass Ware. 

Hetorts for (Jhymisls — ApiHhecaries Funtr- 
lure, and Bottles made lo any piiltcrn or dimen- 
sions at abort notice. Apply to * 
C. V. KUFFElt, Sufrerimendont, 

at the f-'i'ii -;■//.■(:. . t , Euex-itreet, 
V.h 4 tf 

STA.V n t 
On n Rote, tuppo'tr! to ».,-i„Tn pr«eiUed 
hU miitrrss h> » p"'ii"'", dunm; lb« C*lH« 
of LnncoMef mid Yoik. 


If ilii« fnir rose oTieiid ,n : 

It in thM biiionl v.v:n, 
■Twill blush to fitnl "--en ^| wldte, 

Ami turn L*ncpwmin ii.,. t . 

der 6 

A good Scliotiner, 70 or 90 tons, 
well found. — Apply to 
N(U£&j)r,pju) Si l'<'£l- ... ^ [«. „ „djc9, 

Hobart Mitchell & Co. 

RESPECTFULLY inrorm their friends and 
the public, that they are carrying on the 
Manufacturing of Cast Iron y 
where they can be supplied with Iron, from s 
Blast or Air Furnace, of the best kinds, far Cot- 
ton Factories, or any other Machinery, upon the 
shortest notice, by applying to their Foundery 
in ll.ilil'.:-:, Plymouth County, or lo ELIJAH 
WITHINGTON, No. 54, State-street, Bos'.on. 

All orders directed as above will be punctual- 
ly attended to, and the Iron delivered in Boston, 
if requested- 1 w6m July 29 


Genuine Permanent Ink. 

CHAIULES METCALF.No, 12. Cornhill, has 
for sale by the dozen or single bottle 


for wrilinB; on Linen, Silk and Cotton Apparel, 
T shle and bed L.ncn, fcc. This Ink,, warranted 
permanent -. should U prove otherwise ,t may be 
Krned.and the mon.v will be refunded. Price 

£1 rifl i single bnnle. S10 f*r """" 3m Ab - 

No. 9, Coinhill. 

JB WINN has for sale, 
. 3 ca.« mens- and women*' worstedHosiery, 
I do women t' black and white silk Hoso, 
1 Jo do do long and short silk 

Glosta, . 

1 do do long and short, white and f 


2 do Satin and Lustring ijjb*" 
1 do black French ^fyt\\ nw Flannels 

oualitv, -ace J'i immings, * 

.1 li«lo,40pi«^4 plain bUck Lace, for 
.40 pieces •'-■ 

200 w*-^ on S Company Nankins. 
— ALSO*. 
cases rlrgant French Perfumery, 


leas and (ojft't. 

T'HlllTY cheats Souchong, 
1 13 «hole, 27 halves, and SI qrchesU Ame- 
rica's Uohea Tea, 
60000 lbs green Coffee. „i vnc 

For sale by REDFIELD U R/P-RS, 
,i„ r, N« 5, L 0"g-wha r r 

Butter and fp. 

JUST received, 2300 quintals/sh, suitable for 
French markel-100 kegs IHlcr 

For sale by T. Q &/■ "'^L. 

dec 6 K.,f*. Lontf. wharf. 


ONE hundred and fifty l^* fi ™l quality Ha- 
vana brown Sugar, j 
For sale by ROl'E^ PICKMAN. 

jO 41, India wharf. 
« i* vJMh tf achate, 
500*'' JOt)0 ° '' on New- York 
ni^'Cli cash will be /d here. dec 6 


Cologne Wilier 

Spirit of Lavender, 


Ycjcoi able Soap Batls, 

Coral ToptJl Powdei', 

Kssence of Soap, 

TUB til Brushes, 
OplaJ for the Teelh, 
Sqcm Water, aatortod, 

Any ol ihe nbov 
sortment of Fancy 
the i»asgn, w.ll be «old | 
'hi pond icrim 

SOiall bottles Elisor of 

l>o refreshing Vinegfir, 
Oo Vinaigre de Rouge,' 
Shaving Bones, Soap & 

Rich scented Poma- 

Do Honey Waters. 
"K'Uwr with « general as- 
1 Staple Goods, adapted to 
wholesale or retail, 

II be 


&■ 46, Broad ,rr e e, 

E T ?il TY "*!■ f 

dec 6 


OJfer f*r tale, 

100 bhds Cadi 
100 bhls No. J 
60 bhls mess fdbf. 

Navy inrssfid No. ^ Pork, 

Plaster P, 


Tar and rich, 

Few m Slingles. 6w 

;wivei, in g 00( j order, 

dec 6 


tfor ealt, " - u "^^^rxy.. 
200 bbls Mess, 
400 do No 1 
100 do No 2, V BEEF, 
100 do No S, 

SO half bhls Mess 
100 bbls clear, 
50 do Navy Mels, \ 
60 do No 1, >- PORK. 

10 do No 2, i 

80 do No 3 J 

300 kegs first sort Lard, 

4 cai-ks shoulders Bacon, 
1000 hhjs coarse while Salt. 

Wire-work Manufactory. 

ROLLING, falling and standing Screens, for 
cleaning Wheat ; Rolling Screens and Sif- 
ters for cleaning Flax Se<'<'— Sand and Rice 
Screens— SiinlVafid Indim Meal Bolts and StivtS 
—Wheat and Onion Kiddles— Stives and Screens 
for Bricklayers and Plasterers— Flax Seed and 
Clover Seive* — Hanging and Standing House 
Safes— Fan Mil's — Powder Screens— Washers 
and Dusters for Paper Mills— Paper Moulds- 
Wire for Cellar Windows— WoVu Wire— Fire 
Fenders — Wire Cages 1 &c. Ac &c. wrought 
on llie newest constrttclion and warranted of the 
best workmanship, constantly supplied at No 4, 
Umon-tireei, Wholesale and Retail by BENJA- 
and at the Manufactory, Nn. 15, Elm-street, 
near the Market, where all orders received will 
be prompUy and ciref'till) executed oil reatona- 
blf terms. (2aw4w— lwtf) July 12 

Wire from the Kewon Mill. 

ALL si^e* Iron Wire, maihf ( ,eiurcd at ihe 
Aiewton Wire Mill, ugiil^y iupplitd .; 
Wholesale by BENJAMIN AN J|IE\\ S, 4, Un- 
ion-*tree(. , 

The qita'ity of the Newton Wt« h.i!" already 
received ihe sanciion t^f the t-esi jm'ges. Or. 
dcrsfroni all parts nI (be country (sr the same — 
lh- pn'ftr.rnt tf which t/nill be tatiffuitvrily guar- 
anietni — will be txecmed as Ipeetli'j «s po»t.ible, 
and forwarded agreeahletodirtciiti^ AddieM 
memorandums to Benjamin Amicus, 4, Un 
OO-atreets Boston. (2a*4w— la« if) July 12 

Muffins and Crumpets 

d fresh every tiny, ai WILLIAM 
No. 14, f-edt-ra'-sircei, or at 
T. FARSONS, No. 38 Newbury -at reel, first 
door up ihe Court, on ihe left hand side, where' 
also may be hfcd FRESH YEAST- dec 6 

MAY he hat 

lio't Muffins, 

FOltsale every day, ;it 4 o'cb'i k m tils Af'c-- 
noon,at HAN1EL C. U U\ K.s' Conlei trnni 
y Store, Nc. 5, Elm-strfet, live doom from II»n- 

wliore may be had a gi-nunl «-eorl- 
d, in the Copfeotionary line. 

over-sue el — 

mmt ui usu 

nov II 

Real Peruvian Bark. 

FORTY cases of PERUVIAN BAUK, of su 
perior qualilj', and in excellent order.— Fo 

dec 6 

V\trol and Sweet Oil. 

FUN Carboys English Oil of Vitrei— 2 casks 
do. Roman Viliol — 3 do do Red Lead 4 

c«sesGuui Shell Lace— Baskets of Sweet Wil — 
Porsaleby PAUL SFBAR, Jr. No. 1, Liberty- 


sale at No. 31, India-whufl*. 1m 



No. 18, lNDTA-T\'i!Anr, 

TWELVE Thousand pieces yellow N.mkms, 
cniitled to debeniure, 
50 cases Cassia, 
500 pounds Nutmegs, 
3000 do Cloves, 
6 cases Saturn Winn, 
500 pounds Spanish Saffron, 
10 casks Roooa, 
300 bhds Cadiz Salt, 
10 pipes 4lh proof Cognac Brandy, 
40 llMs; Lnh fork, {-milled todrbtalure, 
2t> casks red and yellow uenre, 
5 tons Cordage, assorted, 
250 pieces Russia Sheet inm, 
200 do do. Duck, 
100 do Havens do. 
70 tons clean Hemp, 
50 tons assorted Swedes Iron, 
60 hhds. Virginia and Carolina Tobatco, 
120 kegs manufactured Tobacco, 
100 pounds Merino Wool, 
IB boxes Swedish tf nov 25 

Exchange on the liuvuntt and Freight 
Wanted to llutun. 

A FEW hundred Dull a i * Exchange can he ha<l 
of G. NOBLE, No, I, Indin-streel ; who 
will eon trad lor pnrl of a Ficigln to Boston in 
a neutral vessel. dec 6 


Then Speaft as yc Find! 
T^THEN a cure for on* dollar, or al most two 
* ^ dollars can be obtained !or» cough, cold, 
asthma, difficulty ol bitalbing, lightness of Ihe 
chest, t» hceaungs, pain in the side, (kc. must it 
not be a ntalier of surpnzt that we>see the Oil 1- 
TUARY dully swelled with deilhs, dccasftmrtl 
prill ci pallj by coUh? Or. an aveiage al least 

gjj°120,000 Persons.' 

die annually nr connump nun, ol iginming princi- 
pally, from liking cold, i.unim«-iicing with cough, 
then difficulty ol breathing and pain in the side; 
at leng-.h the lungs beeorne afteci^d, consump- 
tion ensues, .-ind k'enlli closes ihe scene. Alas! 
too ofi'en dots pn-judicc, by listening io some, 
and adopting the opinion ol others, prevail; 
thereby pieveming a trial of such medicine as 
migl'l atford relief, ui-der the idea thm no leliet" 
can be obtained. Sew ce * cute occur » but mat/ be 
relieved by ihe tirr.elv application of 

VTDr. Rtlfe's AsOimsUc Pills 1 1 ! 

Jt» a preof of which, the fnUo-.i'i > g itueiestivg citret, 
i/n ■■ gh motive* the mat! ItwniuUe, ore submitted i» 

It3-A LADY aged 65* 

of Boston, was sixteen years ntHiueu with a vio- 
lent cough, difficulty of, could not lay 

i w2m 

nuaenucvor. a So„ K , and Qvnnm u 
Steel : tint pnd souareSwediab, Crowley, An 

can bl.a.eied an,l cust S.rcl , Dunb:,, and 

Bar Iron, I'n-^ot Iron, .Sheet Iron, , 

man Steel, Nail Rods, &c. 


nlGEW ** (: ™t>"<iseCPovt ) 

RUSSIAN (old Sable ,nd Arcban K el.) sVed 
«■ .,h and English, fl„, squa.e^nd SSd 
Irm, wrfr„ ,,^ . b es . Englis'h bMrterA^S 
(L.) and double bullet Sieel, Tor Axes f HalbVch 
on*, and BenrAm Uumm 
imei i- 
nard' a ftgle do , square "„nd hZ"f^'\^ 
Sheet Iron; Ax eir L -e, Pt uue |„ ., .1 n 
Moulds , Hub Hoop VU^-^Sjfu^ 

Hail Hoda { Cart, and Waggo,, Wheel 

A,.,o -8 b, 6 9 by 7, and 10 hy 8 Window 

'■'»«« I -"is; Sail, tc. at the lowest crnh ori 

" ' " '■■>•%»•*'> for Fl,,v Seed wcl 21 


A'o 42, Long -nkarf. 
QNE bond.ed and forty h,,es fe^. 
V/ Orleans C.rtinn.^ono ,,„ h ' * 

In Pepper — 75 lb*. Nulm^ s — i c * , "" 

■>:■'■ r—bo*e, brown Havana Sularl^v 

an.Cimra. in whole, half, ami quaHer b u «s- 
sureAne new Flour, juit 
i.;d Gunny Bags. cpi f n0 v 8 

Morrill & White, 

THu^- '!'""*"'*''• "«w for tale, 

"■'fc-E hundred and twenty bbls'. Np. I, 2 

ci'ksS r T -r b ' 8 ' P,(cl —300 bbls Rosin-50 
So^l nn PenUnc ^* d0 VA''n«h J i« ship- 
GmS; 50(IOll,s tewAtX B.,k__4500do 
Ni«fS3; 3S, " ,e£ W" ahubAib-1 sack 
-1000 do I i ( ? S - Gl1 : «y"h-ltWdo Isinglass 

FLOUR ' aUcr) hia, Baltimore and New-York 
dec 6 

Stoves and Fuuntls. 

STOVES and FUNNELS made, repaired and 
put up, at tlie shortest notice, by GEORGE 
DARKACOTT, corner of Broad-street and India 
w h«rf. la»2m oct 25 

Allum and Nankins. 

BENJ. W. LAMB, has forsslealNo. 53, India- 

70 casks Allum, 

2400 ps. short yellow Nankins. Alto— 
47 tons assorted Swedes Iron, now landing, 
and will be sold low it application is made 
previous lo its being s tored . nov 25 

Baberry and beeswax Wanted. 

CASH will be paid for a quantity of good 
Baberry and Beeswax, by npplyingto 
nn 18 2m No, \o t Mercbant's-Row 

.1 Jtimiatl Shipmaster Wanted. 

"OL^ANTED, a capable and well disposed Pei- 
V V son, teho h a subject of Awntn, lo tnke 
charge of a Ruiitan Ship, which U now in ihe U. 
States — K uud rernininendaiions will be required, 
und application most he made, honied iaiely, lo 
LKMUI.L POPE, Jr. Ship Broker, No. Sg 
Siaie-tlreel. . dt . t 6 

A PLACE ol ft fee lability is wanted for a Fe- 
male Child of about 8 tears, io board, either 
io iown or adjacent thereto— immediate applica- 
tion will receive prompt othntion. Address to 
C. signifying Hie lerms and situation, to be left 
at Ihe Gazette Office. dec 6 

Five Dollars Retford, 

LOST on Wednesday 24lh iuM. (supposed to 
be in or near the Market,) a red morocco 
POCKET BOOK, containing 2 one and one 2 dol- 
lar Bank Bills, and a number or Notes of Hand, 
drawn in favor of Jer Credit. Whoever has 
found the same and -will leave it ith its contents 
at the Gazette Uomp'.iujr Room, shall receive the 
above reWard. dec 6 

Cotton, Salt, br^dy, Beef, Pork, 


Slaves, n\yt t 4 t . 

- **, India-street, 


has for 

100 bales prime N. Or|,„r, ,. „ 
20U0bU b!ots fi ;, S t l ^-"-ver n pool6„e 

40000 ROhhdSuves ' 

300 Mduaoi libd Shooks, 
200 WOhhdShooks, 
6000 hhd Hoops. 
10000 feet Ash Oars, 

M"nisUlila.a'fc.h dec 6 

Old Jamaica Hum, etc. 

Phill.pfc».B.i.ldfn g< , Kilbyttrtei 

at No. 7, 

5 bhds old J jmaiCa »„ m 
2 <ij> K- E- do, 

* cheats Sotiehor.gTea 
50 m . bet Spani- 
OjUarter iwv 
H»Ks Java Cuff.. 

A f " 1 " r " I0U, " ld l, " lr ' 1 <**"IIIS. of rxcellc 

Cigars, in whole. 

half and 

Offer, f ,- ,„i t 

John Tyler, 

-" Ai. 16, C,i„ v mH'>*te,t, l . f 

| ^VO bundled and eighty ooon.d., ScaJc Fl 
es Smoked Herring- " 

.-, -few bs K s 
— few boxes Mould Candles 
1 Piece, Zlu r^ 5 _ ,0 ?i« A,r '« n "Cd Wood, and 4' 
dec 6 

bell Almonds 
and 6—25 ic 
P'tces white FUnoe'if 

-*- A CO. No. 35, India-wharf, 

Heavy Sumatra Pepper, entitled to double de- 

Bengal Indigo, 


W/io—A 1S| inch Spanish CABLE, 
120 fathoms, never wet. nov 55 

Sheet Iron, &c. 

LUTHER ELLIS, at No S5, Sttite-ttveot, has 
for sale— 

Russia Old Sable Iron, | Sprkcs and Deck Nails, 


LOST, about 3 Wecki since, neai the .Msiket, 
a pair of Silver inoiinied SI'Eiri'At |,ES, m 
a paper case— Whoever lias round the same and 
will leave ihem at this office, shall receive 
THREE DOLLARS Reward, and ihe thanks of 
Ibft owner. dee 6 


Flat, square !t round 

Swedes Iron, 
Crawley, Eii R li„h(L0 

and American Blis- 
tered Steel, 
Spike, DeckNVil.Hni'se 

Nail and Nail Rods 

and PUtea, 
Bar, I'lougbshare and I 

Axlelrec Moulds, j 
.I'io— STOVES ralcuUfcd for R. I, land Aal 

Hof 15 fi« » 

Wrooghland cut Nails 

and Brads, 
Iron Shovels, 
Iron Hoops, 
Slieet lion, 

ing Paper, .. 
What ling SpifcesiVoOl 

12 lo 20inrbto»g. 

ANTED in a Public Office, a middle aged 
Man, who writes a hantHomn hand, and perfectly 
understands keeping accounts, be must produce 
satisfactory testimonials of his integrity, ability 
and iridoMry ; one who has no familv would ho 
preferred — Letters b-ft at the G.zelte Office, ad- 
dressed to |t. N. till Thursday Evening net I will 
be atten ded in. . dec 6 

~7i»d Houses for s*ic y 

I IN the town of Dedham, one on the Provi- 
*■ dci,r.>.- turnpike i-oad.aboul 3 doors from the 
Episcopalian Church, with ihe privileges thereto 
I belonging— the itheron the Hartford turnpike, 

i'lboul three quarters of ft mile from Hie Meeting. 
House, with one acre uf Land about Hie ^aine— 
and twelve acres of Pkstdrage. App'v at No. 
fly, Fiah-Streel, Boston, of WM. GUCHIt, ut bis 
f 'urH Manufactory— where he can Hijlplji h>.> 
t friends and cuBiofncrs with Cotton and \V«ol 
Ciril". of all Noiua>r 1 ,M short noiice. nov ^9 

'll'l' t ^/' 

I'ig Copper and Poi AshJ 

Fi'ltlY-teven (hnnxnni) lb* P'« Coppcr.Aid 
91 eaikiPoi Ashes, for sale by 

d «» No. Ii», U«)grO)horf. ■ 

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Pot and Pearl Ashes. 

NATHAN BRIDGE, N... IS, Kilbp-atreet 

Sheep* Wool. 

l^OR sale about Cull lb* BHKBPS WOOL 
a- Apply at No. 8, Phillips -Buildings, K 



A BOUT 5 miles^fcoB] Ro^lon, ...u-iJiing of a 

-iJ»- Grnierl I].., , .,..,1 (fnrn, nail oil nerrjtarj 
Oiit-fhfibib^,, ail hi IS iVreanf I.nnd, under u 
:■■'■!.! >[.,,,■ ,.f i-iiiiivniion. with ah-iut SU0 
Tree* [ one half or tljcp iery youne, the re-i in 
their iitiinc. 1'hii place a|iuild ne Sold HI B irn- 
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enuHlty. Inqiii 

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hi Ibis Office. 

Anohsi: ir.i.Y/tm. 


mi in ; paid iu adv.mee 

pulling in lh« liandlta 

ii| tin- viciniiy ol State or 

Rent ahum Jfjj dollal's per an 

f de*ired. |nq tiro nt 

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uKu v,... ,/ .1/ ,Vfi 
inpuie ol lite piMUtrs 

down in bed for lour years, seldom slept hut at 
short iuiei'vah— was restored perfect health by 
taking only 2 boxes nf (heSc Pills— her sleep wai 
ret tared on the second night. She Ttas cmeidtreti 
putt relief.' 


"' """"i ™-' -ji'tT»l> ..fflititd Kir three years 
With violent coughs, difluuliy of breathing, ipit. 
ting of blood, pain in ihe side, and universal dc- 
bilny. In this state, after having tii. 
td all medicines in vain, and retig/ltd a* pn,t re. 
tie/, on tukingouly tYfe bnxe> oi llltue Pille, her 
cough and the whole of the symptoms IcM, her 
sleep was restored, ;,i,d fief health puled. y es- 

These Pills give instanl case in all coughs, 
colds, asthmas, difficulty of breathing, wiiee- 
zmgs, tighuiess of tlie chest, consumpiions, &c. 
Recent colds are tempted in a lew hours. Th* 
jged will find 1 Uiej equally agreeable and inaun- 
Inneous, even when the, lungs are ftficclei— 
Price gl. Jlikfoi-ih: Bel hVa Asthmatic Pills." 
A'e-iie ore genuine untest tigucd " VV.T. Conway" 
—be par'tiett/ar ! One box, caultiining 12 J'it'lt, 
'• frequently effect* a aire .' 

Prepare*) mid sold, wholesale, by the tote pro- 
pviettr, W T CUNW AY, ChenuBl, No, 5, Green- 
Street, Boston ; and retail hy (j. Maynard, 6 
Duck-square, Hdlbl'Ook, 56, Hanover-streel. K.d- 
der, 70, Couit-stree:, lyjder, X, Market square. 
Hall it Weld, 1, UuiOWreet, Dunn, Cornhill, 
Wakefield, Milk-siuel, Spear, Libeny-squuni 
T-dmpktns, 3, Nosth-liow, Feimtllj, 33, Prince, 
street. Bliss, 3, State-sireei, Thajei.Norlh- 
stree-, Powell, Cambridge atrtci. Bacon, F3, 
Coiirt-street, White, Marlb.uo'-stiect, GourgHS, 
49. Hjrlon, 4, Newbuty-siroet, Green, West, Or* 
angt-sireei, Kidder, CollUr, Chnrlcslown, Wbtl- 
we.l, Ruxbury, Williams, Cambiidge-port, Whip- 
pie, dishing Si Applcion. Salem, Bikcst. Kanr 
Hifket, Thomas & Whipple, NCttiuin port, L«m- 
son, Beverly, Plnmnier, LanoMljer, Read & Shep- 
ard, Amhetst, Frost, Kennebimk, Phelps Glou- 
rcsltr, Avury, Plymouth, Slimes & Co. Porta, 
mouth. Page, Bronawiik, ll,,lbiook, B'.ib, Wil- 
kins, Oringlon, Cimdy, Providence, Goods |e r 
Hallowell, B..bson, W.scassei, Bryant, Castine; 
Wfllhinis, Warren, Allen. P. M U a'lpole, Hough, 
Concord, O.good, BaverlliU, Kimdrict, Lebanon, 
Alden, Hanover, Peck, BurKnglon, Ltverctt, 
Windsor, Weller, Danbury, Thompson & Co N. 
London, King, Bridge port; "St Hawley, 
New-Haven, and most Drupgists. Uoobselltr*» 

and llrroughitui the U 1. .nd by 

Thgodovius Parsons. Pott-r».,ner, Hitlm**'- 
Hole. it here, abxt, mo} beJuid— 

(trAHiion Coin Plaibtcr! 

It nflbirls iti*t:uji cine, ut ihe ^miolinie W A'i%- 
solves and dr i" v ibr i-oi-Fi by the IfiOtl 

(pt-Cambrian Tooth Ache I'iils J 
Tl:* :•■■!>; ... immediate, *u|iuu'| U K least : ; trsj 
to the te'-ih 

83-fJritish AntiMpIic Deiilihio- ! 
WIliehitMl oof, rtfftderaotocJfrtreillwAifc.reBii r.-a 
lite i;nniN to their original efiiunaietnce, but un- 

partsiothe lnuli ih- muni d l ,--, 1 !.-■.> retaes* 

^rtlumfrii's Oiulmntl ! 

A safe and speedy cure Uir iLc moai iav irraie 

ll'CH, nt 1. .-in, implication, tr jfodwvct 

fmu taking coht! - Itk for " ImmfVies 1 intm* 1 " 
J\ on. tf the libera u r . . mjn, ,.■ ;. 1 ., . ne I W. 
T Cnh\tai"—'ity»»\ii/iieAfittih i6*etii th- >ig- 
ndtwe. ftl tin NamcplacesAfuy he had ali hose 
jtutfy eileeined mul.hi /,.\ approved " Ml die nes, 
He " pi i.,.,.:l hi W l . ( n»waj, 

". / ttirg, daemon mac t» thne w.'.-i it , f . 
tettt'gmw 1 , ■ ; (-,f6i not id 


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/'I Br III. 

all' of a I'WoAton HOUSB, eonuihine 

let KOQIHS, Mtill Wind ll«U« — U'tiL n u. 

ate— uoiic^lMii u g» t i 1 ei famil] need apply.— 
ntie at ih <t (iRici ,\< : ' u 

MAN ■■ ptaiined .■ it, > t „ ;l lp ., 
billia ion n. ., H , ; 1 ■_,.- /. ,... ,, 

factory iccommeudi I. 

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Vol SI. 

..ills . 

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.■ Hill,